Winter Wonderland


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foto-82Jacket/Blouse: Day Birger et Mikkelsen, T-shirt: 2nd Day, Jeans: Zara, Scarf: By Malene Birger, Gloves: Pieces, Shoes: Isabel Marant, Bag: Mulberry, Glasses: Gucci foto-78 foto-83

My outfit from yesterday. I went to the movies to see “The Untouchables” – really great movie, that I’ll definitely recommend:) The shoes are new, and I LOOOVE them, bought them on a few weeks ago (and there’s usually a couple for sale every now and then, so keep an eye out for them, if you like me, didn’t get to buy them before they were completely sold out). They’re really comfortable, and a great alternative to my more casual new balance sneaks.

I really can’t believe that it’s this time again already, must say that I haven’t really missed the snow, it’s cold and annoying – and only good if you’re skiing in the alps – and I’m not this year:(

BTW, I dyed my hair last week (since I was really tired of all of my grey hair – Yes, I have grey hair:(). Don’t know if it really shows in these pics, but it’s a tad darker now, and grey-free:) I dyed it myself, which I haven’t done since I was about 14, but I must say that I’m really pleased with the result… and the prize: 180 kr, what a bargain.I used Schwarzkopf Natural & Easy 570




My Christmas Wish list:)


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Christmas is coming up. And I have a lot of wishes:) Some blazers, skirts (I would love to own a cool white skirt – but can’t find one that I like anywhere:(), shoes, a magazine subscription, nail polish, the very cool watch and the 2nd book in the series Fifty shades. Have you read them yet? I haven’t, but I can’t wait… got the first and the third one for my birthday.
What’s on your wish list? Maybe something I need to add to mine as well;)

x-mas wish list

I’ve been MIA, I know! Exams, moving in, birthdays, school, hard-working bf with no time to take my photos and sickness have kept me busy. SORRY. I’ll post some outfit pics soon (in the snow!!! Not at all ready for winter here in Denmark) and show you my new things – birthday gifts etc. I’m now the proud owner of 3x Isabel Marant Shoes:) – well 4, but I bought one of the pairs on ebay, and they’re too big:( so I’ll have to find a new home for them.
Xo chicas

Wish list

wishlist a little extra

I’ve fallen for a few things… Especially knit sweaters, which are a must in this cold Danish weather. And since I don’t have one in my closet yet – it’s a MUST. I’m dreaming of a light grey knit sweater, that goes perfectly with skinny jeans, leather boots and silver jewelry.

Zara has gotten a lot of new cool pants, with different prints – LOVE it:) And By Malene Birger has yet again, designed amazing shoes.

Do you have a tip to where I can find the perfect knit sweater? And what’s you’re experience with angora knit sweaters  (looks like they’re a bit messy – but really soft)?




Here’s a photo from yesterdays Halloween/housewarming party, where I was dressed as Lady Gaga in the musicvideo “Born this way”. I actually bought a blond wig and a pink hairspray to complete the look, but the wig was terrible (it didn’t cover all of my hair and the bangs covered my eyes), so I just went with my own hair. Have any of you girls been to a Halloween party? Would love to see you’re outfits;)

Gotta go- it’s my boyfriends birthday.


Sky High


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Jeans/Blazer: Zara, Top: H&M, Scarf: By Malene Birger, Bag: Mulberry, Boots: YSL

Some pics from my outfit from today, got a little chilly towards the evening though – but I was prepared and had my rabbit fur vest & gloves in my bag, you can’t fool me Danish weather, muhahaha.

I went to the movies with my family this evening, and watched “Sover Dolly på ryggen?” (a Danish movie). It was really funny, and I definitely recommend it, Nikolaj Lie Kaas plays a weirdo once again – and I love it:) Which reminds me, if you haven’t seen the Danish movie “Solkongen” yet – do it.

Have a great evening:)

XoXo Chicas


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