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Some common mistakes when adding Tape-In Extensions

Adding a Tape-In Extensions to your hair while keeping it short is a go-go situation. And is a good value for money. But adding Tape-In Extensions to short hair can be difficult sometimes. Tape-in extension method is natural and require no tool and chemical as thin weft of hair usually 1-inch wide are sandwiched into your hair. Tape-in extension can be used to volumize or lengthen your hair. Here in Georgia many provides best tape-in hair extensions for your short hairs. There are some common mistakes when adding tape-in extension to your hair. Here we will discuss that how we can avoid those mistakes for the better result.

Mistake No. 1

One common mistake is that either you have applied too much hair or too little hair. The extensions may fall due to not be set properly with your hair.

Solution: Each weft should be finger width apart from each other but they not be touching each other.

More Tips: Client natural hair will cover the tape if there is gap of two finger width from the hairline.

Mistake No. 2

Other mistake is using a color that matches the root hair color or using only one color.

Solution: Match the extension color to mid or end of hair and to use at least two color for better results.

More Tips: Using two different color on same section which will give softer, expensive and more natural look.

Mistake No. 3

Another mistake is that you add a wrong length of extension to the hair.

Solution: Different inches of hair weft should be used according to the hairstyles of the client.

More Tips: Such extension length should be used to make client hair length to be near the shoulder. This will make the look more natural.

Mistake No. 4

Another mistake is that you haven’t cleaned properly your hair before extension which may result in one hair weft falling in your hand.

Solution: Hair should be clean thoroughly and it should be made sure that there is no oil residue as currently extension is only waterproof but not oil-proof.

More Tips: Clarifying Shampoo should be used for the better result.

Mistake No. 5

Using bad(cheap) tape for extension of hair can result into many problems on sticking.

Solution: Choose those tapes which lasts for 2 to 3 months.

More Tips: Avoid moving your fingers on your hair as dirt, oil or any other impurities may decrease the adhesiveness of tape and make your hair look ugly.

Mistake No. 6

Getting your hair extension from an amateur stylist. If the hair stylist you are visiting is not well trained, your hair may be in big trouble. It can become a nightmare for you. Only few mistakes can lead to disastrous results.

Solution: A well-directed and well-trained hair stylist should be visited. So that your hair is set perfectly and look more natural. 

More Tips: Make sure you visit a certified hair stylist for better directions. 3girlsandNeedle provides best hair stylist for hair extensions for your short hair.


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