Mens Medium Hairstyles – Classic and on-trend styles

Mens Medium Hairstyles.

Medium hairstyles on men offer flexibility and freedom which no other length can win! Medium-length men’s haircuts offer a vast number of styles to choose from. Whether you’re planning to grow your hair out, or perhaps looking for a way to style out a switch-up, there are plenty of classic and on-trend styles to opt for, depending on your personal style and preferences.

A medium-length hairstyle for men is between two-four inches (five-ten centimeters) long that has the power to flaunt a healthy head of hair. If you know how to style it, a medium-length hairstyle can be a complete head-turner. Regardless of the texture of your hair, there are a plethora of ways to create a convincing impression. Curly, straight, or afro, we have inspirations for you for every hair type! Moreover, the look you choose is also dependent on characteristics such as your overall style, hair type, and face shape.

There are endless styling options, from sharp on the side and rocking it long on top to leaving fuss-free. You have the freedom to keep them wavy, straight, or partly shaved. They are so versatile that you can totally slay a new look every day!

We’re here for you to choose some of the most loved styles so you never have to feel stuck in a middle-ground with this length. Here are some of the best cuts to create the perfect look for your specific hair properties.

  1. Spiky Low Fade Haircut

To keep it simple and easy to style, go for a hair length not much longer than a few inches. One excellent trick is to first let your hair air dry. Second step: use some pomade on top to pull hair straight up for separation in the spikes. Last step: hit it with a bit of hair spray!

  1. Bro Flow

Do you want to be the spotlight of the occasion and turn heads around? The charming bro flow is guaranteed to capture hearts with its appealing look! This effortlessly cool, easy, and sexy look is ideal for medium length locks that are growing out. If you’re somewhere in between medium and long, this look is the one you should go for!

  1. Classic Brushed Back

Mediums hairs for men

And here we’re introducing you with a timeless masculine haircut! Classic brushed back hairstyle is one that can never go out of style. It is a clean approach to medium length hair. Low taper along with the clean edging around the ear and the nape reflects a highly modern look!

  1. Quiff

Mens Medium hairstyle bro flow

A quiff is for you if you’re a man who always wants to reflect a stylish and confident look. Put on some styling gel and before curving it back in a wave, brush em’ hair up for volume. Looking for a bolder look? All you gotta do is simply amp up your quaff height.

  1. Grown Out Layers

Classic Brushed Back haircut

Throwing a super refined and sophisticated look, grown out layers give the best results by blow-drying your hair after washing them. To achieve the barely-there flip at the ends, use a round brush!

  1. Medium Length Undercut

Quiff haircut

You will hardly find anything trendier than the undercut. And what next should you do? Pair that sleek and chic undercut with a clean-kempt, short beard, and there you are, looking all fresh!

  1. Tousled

Grown Out Layers men hairstyle

Do you like that “I woke up like this” bedroom look? This effortless, fun, cool, and youthful is your go-to hairstyle! For many, this hairstyle is natural and easy to achieve! For others, a teenie bit of styling will help you get it. Grab a little amount of pomade and work it through your hair, and you’re done! Just let your fall as it wished and enjoy the laidback style.

  1. Natural Sassy Waves

Medium Length Undercut

Are you even into hairstyling if you don’t know yet how to rock longer strands with style? Sexy natural waves utilize a generous amount of natural and healthy waves and volume to evolve the layers and your look into a seductive one!

  1. Man Braids


Men, it’s time to start braiding! This style requires patience and time for your cool and intricate main braids into resulting in wonders. When you become a pro, we ensure you that you won’t look back. Do you want a relaxed look with a man bun or a single braid? The freedom is all yours! Now your pesky locks won’t keep falling on your eyes

  1. Fringe


Try a fringe if you’re thinking of relaxed medium length hair! This charming style is easy to obtain and easy to maintain. It also offers a variety of choices to choose from if you want to get rid of those locks off your face.

  1. Medium Swept Back Hairstyle

Man Braids haircuts

A gent with straight strands? A mid-length swept-back style creates a perfect balance between grace and casualness. For a lasting sleek finish, apply some styling cream when hair is damp and the last step: comb into place, and you’re done!


  1. Soft, Spiky Tapered cut

Embrace touchable and soft hair that looks casual and less groomed! Are you attractive and unapologetic about it? Then this spiky yet soft tapered cut is for you! This style turn heads around and grabs attention because the style portrays confidence without having to look like they’re putting in too much effort!

  1. Pompadour with Short Sides

Medium Swept Back Hairstyle

Medium length hairstyles for men can grow dramatically from a skin fade to a top long swath. The cropped exterior refines bone structure and makes styling easy. Don’t forget to use wax for a stronghold!

  1. Mohawk

Soft, Spiky Tapered Cut

Are you all about confidence and chaos? Get the Mohawk back this season! But for the best results, be patient and wait for the right length before shaving the sides. Once you’ve achieved the ideal length, style the remaining hair on top into your Mohawk. After practicing it more, you can go for the classic spikes or a more subtle rolling wave, up to you!

  1. Textured Crop and Heavy Fringe

Pompadour with Short Sides haircuts


Do you have a thick stack of curly hair on your head? No worries. We have found the perfect hairdo for you. This style is heavy on the fringe with some weight and length on the sides and back. To enhance the weight and texture, use a texture paste!

  1. Textured Disconnection

It’s not necessary to cut your hair short to have control over your strands with movement. If you have natural curls and waves, an undercut offers groomed tailoring. The top lengths are shaped with gel and finger-styled, providing definition and separation to the style.

Care for Your Hair.

It is essential to take care of mid-length hair and maintain it by washing it properly. Always try to use a good quality shampoo and conditioner to keep the strands looking excellent, particularly if you want to increase their growth. To style, give your hair a blow-dry and work in a higher-shine wax or cream or matte paste, based on your hair type.

Do you want to sport a wet look? Comb through some leave-in conditioner onto damp hair and keep your hair more compact to your scalp to avoid looking like a lion’s mane! Rinse your hair in the coolest water temp possible to have more control all day! Want another brilliant tip? Always add in your lightweight wax into damp hair to ensure you’re good to go in little time!



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