Dress code in the theater: what to wear to the theater?

what to wear to the theater..? Actually, it’s a typical women’s problem: the clothes question.what to wear to the theater? When it comes to the musical visit, however, women and men are often equally difficult when choosing a dress. That’s why we have put together the ultimate dress code for your perfect evening in the musical theater!

Dress code in the theater: what to wear to the theater? Clothes are known to make people. This also applies to the dress code in the theater: Here, in the stronghold of culture, it is important to observe certain rules that represent an essential part of the theater visit for many people. According to the motto “seeing and being seen”, noble clothing naturally stands in the foreground. To get dressed well is to be in agreement with others and the place where we go neither too elegant nor not enough. So being well dressed is already a guarantee whether it is a theater or a not.

Honestly, girls: the stereotype that women stand in front of the closet in the morning and do not know what to wear to the theater is true. Even if sometimes we do not want to admit it to men. But we can be reassured because one or the other male beings occasionally stands just as perplexed in front of his clothing mountains and wonders if the light blue shirt fits the sand-colored pants or not. Really, I saw it with my own eyes! Things get really bad for both sexes when it’s not just about work or a DVD night with friends, but a visit to a musical. After all, you do not go to the theater every day.

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The timing determines the look

Musical outfits or theatrical outfits can be made dependent on the time of the presentation: While the wardrobe for the musical can turn out a little more casual in the afternoon, both women and men should opt for elegant clothing in the evening. This is especially due to different groups of spectators. School classes are often encountered in earlier daytime presentations – schoolchildren are not expected to dress or dress, of course!

what to wear to the theater for Women – 3 Tips for an Elegant Look



• Tip 1: The little black is just always! The popular non-color not only makes you slim and conjures up a beautiful silhouette, but can also be combined in many ways. So if you go for a black, stylish branded dress, you can easily enhance your look by using elegant jewelry, a glamorous clutch or colored pumps.

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• Tip 2: Even the pants suit is made for special pieces like Starlight Express, Hinterm Horizont, and Co.! Stylish and practical at the same time: Anyone who decides on a trouser suit as a musical clothing, no need to worry about matching blouse trousers or vice versa. Use classic, timeless colors like red, black or white. In summer, shining nuances such as a delicate pastel pink can be the appropriate theatrical clothing. If you have an elegant blouse in the closet anyway, you can also fall back on black trousers!

• Tip 3: Not only the outfit but also the remaining appearance is of enormous importance. This refers to neat fingernails, which at best reflect the tone of the dress/blouse or trouser suit, a matching hairstyle and the right make-up. You do not have to do it too complicated: just turn a few hair curlers into the hair on the evening before the presentation or search the Internet for tutorials explaining exactly what options are available and how to make the hairstyles yourself , When it comes to make-up, especially nude tones that do not apply are suitable. Red lips for a black dress are also welcome.

what to wear to the theater for Men – 3 Tips for an Elegant Look



• Tip 1: The Lords of Creation have it easier because there are as many styling alternatives as women with regard to the question: “What to wear for musical/theater visit?” Not. The classic: A trendy suit consisting of a suit trouser (or a Ceramicahose like this one here) and an elegant shirt in timeless colors like dark blue, black or white. Look for shirts nevertheless times here over!

• Tip 2: You can not really make friends with the suit trousers? Do not worry: As an alternative, you can also fall back on simple blue jeans (please no destroyed pants!) In subtle washes and combine them with one of the favorite men’s shirts. Labels like Lerros offer an eclectic range of stylish shirts with an unbelievably good price-performance ratio.

• Tip # 3: Men can also work with accessories to enhance the look. A beautiful brand watch or a leather bracelet completes the outfit ideal!

what to wear to the theater matinee


what to wear to the theater matinee


In Paris or in any major city, shows start early and there is often no time to change, however, it is frowned upon to arrive in jeans, scruffy with sneakers.

The ideal for women is to wear a jacket with a skirt or pants or a dress. The men will be in costume or wear a blazer, light shirt, and a tie.

On the other hand, if you have the chance to be invited to a gala evening at the opera, do not hesitate to put on a dressy outfit. obviously, if it is a Madonna-style concert or lady gaga dress as you want!

Geographically different habits

The dress code prevalent in the theater depends first and foremost on the location of the event: in the United States, England, and Ireland, for example, viewers also occasionally dare casual clothes. Of the theaters in these countries, this is not preferred, but at least tolerated.

In Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, on the other hand, the dress code in the theater is much stricter: covered or black colors are preferred. Wear and tear and soiling are just as taboo as street shoes. The gentleman, therefore, wears classic leather or lacquer lace-up shoes, the lady’s evening shoes with a paragraph.

what to wear to the theater in the afternoon


what to wear to the theater in the afternoon


Basically, each theater sets its own dress code, with most facilities being identical in their specifications. An important factor in the choice in the wardrobe is the kind of performance.

In a classic play in a particularly prestigious institution afternoon, dress and suit with a bow tie are the order of the day. In smaller theaters or cabarets, for example, where improvisation pieces are performed, it may be much more relaxed. For reasons of decency, theatergoers should always show as little skin as possible. For women, therefore, a knee-length skirt is recommended, for men generally long pants.

You should also refrain from classic faux pas such as white socks or overly colorful ties. Take a look for more theater outfit ideas at the coming public a few days before your first visit to the theater.


There are a variety of possible outfits for the musical or theater visit, so that every type of woman and every type of man, but also every taste can be served. At an evening performance, visitors are expected to dress smartly, but the intensity of the elegance may vary. Nobody really has to dress up!
Of course, if a musical like Rocky, Tarzan or even Aladdin is in the musical city of Hamburg, the look should not be the most important thing on this day, because in the foreground is the joy of the piece. However, you will definitely feel much better when you go to such a special event on stylish women’s pants or men’s pants, Dresses or suits. When else does one have reason to bring out his greatest, most expensive pieces from the wardrobe ?!


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