Trendy clothes for forty year old woman -40 is the new 20

Trendy clothes for forty year old woman – Upon reflection, I think the reason why it is so hard to know what the fashion answers are in the early 2000s, particularly for women from about 40–55, is that this group has several things intersecting at this point in time that are creating uncertainty (but also opportunity). These things include increased longevity, an ever-expanding range of cosmetic procedures and products, a wider medley of fashion options, the impact of social media and the immediacy of trends, and a larger variety of potential lifestyles that blur our definition of what “age” means today. As the concept of “age” shifts, so do the accompanying definitions of fashion and beauty for various age groups.

Even so, the harsh reality is that the female body for almost every woman is changing in her 40s. For the lucky, the ones who religiously wore sunscreen, the ones who exercised vigilantly, the ones blessed with great DNA, the ones with exceptionally youthful personas, the ones with atypical confidence who are carefree about fashion, or those with a combination of all of the above, the fashion choices available are fairly wide.

Things to avoid (and that I wouldn’t like seeing my own mother wear) are:

  • Skinny leg jeans – instead opt bootcut, flare and wide leg jeans. An exception would be if you are petite/skinny or have a great body. But in this case, it’s very important to tone down on everything else. Cropped boyfriend jeans can also suit your age as long as they’re simple and don’t have too many shreds and rips


  • Crop tops and sweaters (the ones that show off your belly). Ok to wear when exercising or out tanning. I don’t care if a woman’s abs are toned and sculpted, it looks inappropriate. Cut offs are fine but then your body has to be smacking great and confidence and personality have to match.


  • Wearing clothes that don’t flatter your current body shape


Trendy Clothes for forty year old woman

1. Smart yet Stylish and Sleek

For winter fashion, stick to white and black clothes. Wrap a cotton scarf with tassels and pair it with cheetah boots for a dose of color and pop of style.



2. Casual Outfit

Who says only younger girls can wear purple? Grab a comfy purple t-shirt for a trendy top and stylish wardrobe.



3. Simple Casual Style with Jeans

If you are a grandmother, then this outfit is for you! Wear a loose chiffon top with fitted jeans and suede boots.


4. Street Style

The perfect autumn wardrobe for mamas is a jean jacket with crop pants and a funky scarf.





5. Celebrities over 40 Style

Jennifer Aniston’s wardrobe is super stylish. Copy her style by pairing a black minimalistic vest and cargo shorts.



6. Minimalist Fashion

If you need clothes for the outdoors, then stick to summer fashion and wear bright colours. Red, black and white are trendy options for a fresh and feminine wardrobe.


7. 40 Plus women Accessories Styling Idea


8. Working Women Style





9. Sleeveless Top with PJ and Sneakers



10. Holidays Wear




Things to remember

  • Quality matters more than ever: A woman over-40 should be looking for better design, details, embellishments, tailoring, and materials.


  • No micro-minis, but shorter skirts, shorts, or dresses might be an option.


  • Skip flimsy fabric: An otherwise pretty outfit will come off as shoddy if the fabric looks cheap. Be very selective regarding “junior” stores since they are filled with inexpensive, thin fabrics.


  • Inspect your clothes! Invest in a sweater shaver to keep your cashmere or wool sweaters beautiful. Throw out t-shirts, belts, or other clothes that have signs of wear. Shabby clothes at any age isn’t ideal, but REALLY ages an older woman trying to project style


  • Fit is paramount — not too tight, but don’t be too loose either unless you have a belt or are going for the boho style. Women often worry about being “too short” or “tight”. You should be equally concerned about being too long, too frumpy, too relaxed. Those things will needlessly age you.


  • Be strategic with ruffles, bows, and glitter. I don’t think a woman over 40 has to toss all of those “girly” things aside, but she has to be careful!


  • Let your jewelry and/or shoes make the statement for you: It’s totally fine to keep your outfit toned down and let your accessories make you stand out.


  • No schlubby purses: You will immediately downgrade your whole look.
  • Be mindful of your shoes : I love comfort! Buy wedges, beautiful sandals, or boots. Of course, go all out if you are able to wear any type of heel! But do not overlook your shoes when considering your overall appearance. No matter how comfortable, throw out your shoes when they look too worn or dated.


  • Don’t force yourself to wear something: If it just isn’t you, that’s okay. Try to step out of your comfort zone if you can, but if you are never going to wear something and it will end up staying in your closet, don’t buy it!


  • Try everything on before committing: The hanger doesn’t always tell the whole story. I have been on the fence about things and ended up loving them. Our bodies look different now, but sometimes we can embrace the change. We can settle into our imperfections and see clothing in a new way.


  • Don’t buy something mediocre just because it’s “cheap or on sale”: Step away. Save that money and use it towards something else that is worthy of you. Invest in better pieces. You deserve better than average!




It’s time to grade up…

Your shoes

Do not go quietly into the navy mid heel pump, or the plain loafer, or the really useful (so comfy) trainer. You can always do a fun shoe and display a well-turned ankle. More to the point a shoe is where you score your fashion points.

Your hair

The just got out of bed, beach bleached hair days are on the way out. Conditioner is everything now. And whatever you do don’t over trim. A bob at this stage could put a decade on you, instantly.

Make up, but not foundation

Watch out for the plaster textured complexion which occurs when women panic they need coverage but haven’t got their glasses/replaced the light in the bedroom.

Your sunglasses

As a rule you want to go less mean and edgy, and more glamorous. LAPD. Bono. Billy Idol…these are all looks to avoid, as is Tony Blair, in some very hot country, wearing white linen.

Your smile

I know that sounds creepy. But the sulky, not bothered expression which you may think cool (see Victoria Beckham) will in your forties start to look sour and a bit ‘my back is killing me’. Perk it up


You deserve to feel beautiful or glam or edgy or unique or fashionable no matter what your age or size!


i hope this will help you to fill your wardrobe with dresses for 40 year old woman .


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