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The reasons why sapphire rings are so stunning and spectacular and favorite among women

Women are quite conscious about their appearance and spend considerable time in selecting the best outfits and compliment them with amazing accessories to look stylish. The women fashion trends keep on changing as new designs and styles are introduced now and then, sometimes even old trends are given a nice touch to make them popular again. Tough the choice of selecting the outfit depends on the preference of a particular individual, but many of the accessories more or less remain the same such as jewelry, handbags, and sunglasses.

Jewelry is one of the essential fashion accessories of nearly every woman as the shiny and glittering necklace, bracelet, and even a small ring on the finger can add certain touch and make them look elegant. Women all around the world wear an engagement ring to let other people know they have found their soulmate and happy about their life. Jewelry is also used as a social symbol as many women take pride in wearing extravagant jewelry items and flaunt it among their friends and office colleagues. The reasons why women love wearing jewelry are

  • It makes women look more fashionable and trendy particularly in events such as weddings
  • It complements the dress or outfit women are wearing
  • A diamond-encrusted ring or necklace with embellished gemstones signifies a woman loves to maintain a luxury lifestyle.
  • A vintage jewelry piece is probably the best heirloom which is passed from mothers to daughters and denotes family history and values

Women can wear jewelry most of the day, but many women prefer to wear only light jewelry pieces such as earrings, and ring when going to office as they are easy to carry and be worn. In auspicious occasions such as weddings or corporate events, women love to adorn expensive and glittery jewelry pieces such as a necklace, bracelet, and a ring. Many women like to wear jewelry no matter what activity they are doing in the day such as doing the laundry or going out for shopping.

Engagement and weddings are two important moments in a woman’s life where she adorns a beautiful ring to add a distinctive sparkle, style to her personality. A ring is a symbol of engagement and marriage and a couple exchange rings on their wedding day to vow for the beginning of new chapter in their lives filled with love and care. People usually wear the ring on the third finger of their left hand because some say it connects directly to the heart. The ring designs have come a long way, and today there are many beautiful and stunning ring types and design which women can buy and adorn.

A diamond ring will always be the iconic ring for times to come, but it is very expensive and afforded by only affluent people. There are also many fine and spectacular rings made from other precious gemstones which include emerald, ruby, sapphire, opal, topaz, and pearl. There are also valuable metals that play a part in design of the ring such as gold, platinum, and silver. There are not one but several designs of ring which can be worn on different occasions, and some popular rings are engagement ring, bridal set, birthstone ring, anniversary band, fashion ring, solitaire ring, and stone ring.

A diamond engagement ring is set to be the best and most stylish of all the rings, but other gemstones are also quite precious and make spectacular rings such as sapphire, opal, emerald, topaz, amethyst, and ruby. Sapphires have become a popular choice for engagement ring, and they rose to sudden popularity when Prince William presented a sapphire ring to her fiancée Kate Middleton.

A sapphire ring symbolizes wisdom, good fortune, and faithfulness and a beautiful gem. The blue hue of sapphire is stunning and catches the eye. The ‘S’ of sapphire is also part of the symbolic message engagement jewelry which is denoted by ‘Dearest (Diamond, emerald, amethyst, ruby, emerald, sapphire, topaz). Sapphire is the birthstone of people who have their birthdays in September.

The engaged couple spends considerable time in deciding the type of ring and its design. A ring is basically a circle of precious metal and circle is used because it is round in shape and a man and a woman complete the circle of life. Today many young couples contact a known designer who is an expert in designing beautiful sapphire rings. A jewelry designer knows vintage jewelry styles and modern trends. A jewelry designer will first ask the couple on what symbolism they want to portray through the ring and the choice of gemstones and metals in the ring.

Sapphire is a formed from a mineral called ‘conundrum’ which is a form of aluminum oxide. Sapphires are typically blue but found in all colors except red. Sapphire is a gemstone that has many varieties, but the best is the royal blue with an enchanting deep blue color, it is also second to diamond when it comes to hardness of a gemstone. The distinctive blue color and the hardness makes sapphire quite precious and among the four most expensive gemstones, which includes diamond, emerald, and ruby. Apart from looking elegant and beautiful, the benefits of wearing sapphire are

  • Protect a person from negative energy
  • Provide mental calmness
  • Enhance intuition
  • Reduce stress and depression
  • Make a person make wise decisions

A diamond ring refracts more light as compared to sapphires, and white diamonds are known for their clarity, a sapphire is known for its color. A sapphire engagement ring is unique, classic, stunning, and beautiful which is why many couples prefer buying it for their engagement. Sapphire rings usually have round, oval, cushion and princess cuts. The oval cut gives a very classic and nostalgic touch to the sapphire while the round cut is also equally precious. There is designer who also encrusts small diamonds on a sapphire ring, the most famous is the three stone sapphire where the sapphire occupies the center with two smaller diamonds on each side.

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