Summer is here. The sun right above our heads compels us to do things to alleviate the scorching heat in different ways. The effects are observed in our dressing, dietary habits, fashion and hairstyle. Right now, when quarantine is operational, people are bound to take responsibility for themselves and do what satisfies them.

Just as the shutters of all the parlors are pulled down, the women are taking the hair-situation in their hands and doing what they do best – hair-job. Yes! The quarantine trends for haircuts are getting popular amongst the women sitting at homes.

The haircut is the most prominent factor that affects the overall look of a woman and makes her classy or ordinary. For this reason, classic icons to new female stars, everyone is showcasing versatility by running the scissors on their hair.

Here are some trendy quarantine haircuts for women along with the expert views of some hairstylists for you to explore and implement at home.

Quarantine Haircuts on Social Media

Recently Pinterest has reported in a press release that the searches for “how to strip hair color naturally” have increased by 156% and 417% for “home haircut.” These statistics show the public inclination towards hair care is growing fast.

Many people at Instagram are posting their drastic transformations. Some are dying their hair in blonde, blue, grey and green; some are chopping them just to feel free and do whatsoever they want.

In normal days, people adopt the styles that are socially acceptable and approved. But now, in the quarantine days where people are maintaining social distancing, they have got a chance to reconnect to their true essence. That’s just how to quarantine haircuts for women came in home-fashion.

  1. Curtain Bangs

 Are you still wondering what to do with your hair? Add a ‘bang’ to your hair that is popular, this year, for all lengths, especially with long layers. It is was the famous haircut of the 70s, and this stylish-look is back in fashion and is trending in quarantine haircuts for women on social media.

This is the cut where the bangs are parted down the middle, framing the face on each side.

This haircut will look best on the round and square faces as this haircut helps to give an oval shape to your face, as per desire. Look at Dakota Johnson. Doesn’t the Curtain Bangs look fabulous on her?

Dakota Hairstyle


In the quarantine time, Curtain Bangs is the most adopted style by the people seeking social distancing. Like the Cuban-American singer and songwriter, Karla Camila Cabello tried this look in her quarantine and looked stunning in it.

Karla hairstyles

This haircut looks great with several hairstyles like long and wavy open hair, a messy ponytail or a side-swept braid. The curtain bang haircut helps to disguise the uneven hairline, makes you look younger by covering the wrinkles and also hides the face imperfections like dark spots and fine lines.

Alan Vuong, a saloon owner, says about Curtain Bangs, “Together they flow seamlessly alongside the contour of your face, with the bangs bringing out your eyes.”

  1. Short Bangs

Next in quarantine haircuts for women is the overused and generalized Short Bangs. Where Curtain Bangs is the traditional bangs that cover the forehead completely and conceal the upper face, Short Bangs is the one that gives an opposite effect and highlights the features of your face including your forehead and eyebrows.

The bored women stuck at home are trying bangs at home, and their number is increasing quite fast. They find it easy to cut their hair right from the front and let them stay and sit above the eyebrows.

The Spanish singer Rosalia gave herself short bangs during quarantine, and she looked good with it. She wrote in Spanish on Twitter, “I just gave myself bangs” and also posted a video of her new haircut on Instagram.

Rosalia Hairstyles


Short Bangs is the haircut that suits almost everyone. This hairstyle looks good with straight hair, both long and short length, and goes well with round and square faces. It gives a broader look to your face and forehead as the bangs sit right above the eyebrows.  It is easy to wear a haircut that brings all the attention towards the eyes.

Miley Cyrus also shared her pictures with her self- trimmed short bangs on Instagram. She told her fans and followers how she went through the cutting during the quarantine time. She also mentioned that she didn’t like the outcomes, but her fans think she still looks gorgeous. Have a look!!

Mily cyrus


Short Bangs of 2020 are neither the Baby Bangs that are way too short nor they are like the Curtain Bangs that go below the jaw side. It is just the perfect short bangs, right above the eyebrows, which gives a youthful look to every lady who carries it.

You must know that curly textures tend to shrink as they dry, so when your stylist is cutting, be sure your hair is dry. The hairstylist, Ted Gibson came up with a tip.

He said, “I think hair texture plays a part in how short you can go with bangs. Im going to stress the the fact that if you trim wet bangs, they’ll shrink after they dry up.”

  1. Buzzcut

Buzzcut has always remained famous in men whenever the simple, stylish looks are talked about. But with the changing trends of fashion, Buzzcut is now flowing under the hashtag of quarantine haircuts for women. Especially in the current time of quarantine, Buzzcut is the most adopted haircut by people all around the world.

It is a cut in which the head is shaved with a buzzer machine, leaving really short hair back on the head. Not only the public, but some celebrities have also been found having Buzzcut on their own.

 Tallulah Willis, the daughter of a famous actor, Bruce Willis, shared her pic with her Buzzcut. She shaved her head with the help of her father live on Instagram. No doubt she’s pulling off the look really well.

Tallulah Willis



  1. Asymmetrical Lob

If you want to take the quarantine haircut trend to the next level, try this asymmetrical lob style, which is no doubt the haircut of the moment.  It has been a really famous and most demanded haircut of the year 2020 and for the same reason hitting the list of quarantine haircuts for women.

The Lob – the long – bob is a mashup of the two most classic haircuts of the time. This style goes with all types and textures of hair, providing a variety of styling options. An asymmetrical lob gives a subtle edgy vibe and modern twist to the regular bob haircut.

The Asymmetrical Lob is a flamboyant style in which the hair is cut shorter in length at the back and longer at the front. This style with a solid baseline displays healthy, thick ends that you can carry with either straight or wavy hair.

During this quarantine, the American star, Julia Roberts, transformed her long hair into the Asymmetrical lob. The Hollywood star did this with the help of her hairstylist and is rocking this style.

Julia's haircut

It looks great with both sideline and the strict middle line. It is a universally flattering haircut that looks good on all face shapes, with low maintenance and easy styling.

Philippe Depeyrot, the co-founder of Bisoux Saloon in Washington D.C., loves this haircut and says, “This cut works for all face types. It has been a trendy cut. I, myself, performed two different versions of this cut today alone.”

  1. One Length

Another trend that is defying quarantine haircuts for women is to keep your hair at the same length, be it long or short. This simple hairstyle looks more elegant than other trends with lots of texture and layers.

Keeping your hair as it is a bold statement in itself. The girls who hate the fuss of layers, love to have one length haircut. It gives them ease to make a ponytail without leaving any piece of hair. It is the haircut that gives the most natural look to your hair.

Kim Kardashian

Look at Kim Kardashian wearing the One length haircut with beauty. She is indeed the queen of the One-length hairstyle.

Many celebrities during the quarantine don’t want to do experimentations with their hair with dyes, wigs and new haircuts. They just want to enjoy their natural hair with a simple cut like one length. It is the cut that showcases your natural hair.

Like Kylie Jenner. She is a famous American media figure, and she wants to enjoy her natural hair during the quarantine. Her natural hair color is brown, and they touch her chin, all in One Length. Kylie looks cute in her natural hair without extensions. She calls it a “hair health journey”.

Kylie Jenner

Riawna Capri, hairstylist and co-founder of Nine Zero One Salon, says, “The 2020 trend is all about structure. Out with the texture, comes in polished structure,” she says. “We’re seeing [more] shine versus matte hairsprays. More blunt thick lines in haircuts instead of shattered textured haircuts.”

  1. The New Pixie

The New Pixie is one of the best quarantine haircuts for women that has ever been introduced in the world of fashion. The lovers of New Pixie call it ‘wash and go’ as after taking a shower, they don’t need to wait for it to dry. It dries on its own, ideally.

After cutting your hair into a new pixie, you will find your sense of styling entirely reformed. Shorter hair wants classic earrings, bold makeup, and a more daring fashion choice for your overall look.

An American singer, actress and model, Hayden Panettiere tried the New Pixie haircut in the year 2019 and shared her photo on Twitter. The haircut gave a new and a beautiful look for the young actress. It was liked by everyone.

Hayden Panettiere

It is the classiest haircut as it brings in a lot of variations with it. It is a low maintenance haircut for the people who don’t have time to waste on endless blow-drying and styling. In 2020, the trend for New Pixie is going to be either super short and choppy or a bit longer than its average length, no in-between.

Another famous singer, Pink, proved to be pro-active in the season of quarantine. She got herself a live New Pixie on Instagram. She did it live with a buzzer and scissors while she was having an alcoholic beverage along with it and ended up with such a disastrous look.



Michael Sparks, hairstylist and co-owner of Tabb & Sparks Salon, talks about the New Pixie.

She says, “Shorter than we’ve seen the pixie cut in the past, this look has less movement overall and provides a [freshness] for the new year.”

 Hair Care for Quarantine. What do the Hairstylists say?

Nowadays, hairstylists are also enjoying the new trends of quarantine. They are doing custom-blending of dyes, mixing root touch-up kits, and offering consultations for their socially distanced regular clients. People are also moving towards the buzz cuts, bleach jobs and DIY bang trims. The #quarantinehair is there as proof.

All the hairstylists have agreed on a point to give your hair a break. They are emphasizing on feeling better instead of looking better. They are only advising girls to stop following the quarantine trend of haircuts and focus on making buns, braids or just use pins and clips to keep their hair look tidy and contained. For split ends, they strongly recommend powder usage or frequent hair brushing to get rid of the split ends and outgrown roots temporarily.

What about the Hair Dyes?

Where some female celebrities are trying out new haircuts, the rest are experimenting with it using hair dyes. Dyeing your hair in pink is the common trend observed in this lockdown. The celebrities seeking self-isolation are confidently dyeing their hair in pink and going viral on social media.

Dua Lipa, a famous English singer, model and songwriter, has recently shown off her photos on Instagram with her hair dyed pink.  The pictures reveal how her boyfriend has helped her in carrying out the task and came up with amazing results.

Hairstyle of dua lipa

Mary Elle Fanning, a top American actress, posted her photos on Instagram with a complete transformation of her hair color. She has played well with her bright blonde hair to give them a beautiful peachy-pink shade. She shared her bathroom selfie with her followers and left the followers in awe.

An American actress, singer and produce, Jennifer Love Hewitt also appeared on Instagram with her hair in pink highlights. She dyed her pretty brown hair and captioned the photo on Instagram, “The smile of a girl who just did at home hot pink highlights because what else can I do right now!” 

Hair Dye Tips

The hairstylists are suggesting their clients not to try hair dyes at home as they contain such chemicals that can permanently damage the hair. As an alternative, they are suggesting to use the “herbal-hair colors” which are easy to apply and have no side effects.

Moreover, they even assure them not to worry about how they look these days since no one is going to judge them on your looks as everyone is undergoing the same situation.


In these stretched hours and days of social distancing and monotonous days and nights, where everyone is stressed and super pissed, it isn’t a bad idea to pay some attention to your hair. Given the fact that it is nearly impossible to take care of your hair regularly in routine days, this lockdown has come forth as a blessing for you to take the chance and work hard towards your hair the extra care it needs. Cutting them off or dyeing them isn’t a bad option either but remember, don’t overdo it!


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