Shrill, shrill, 80s: Those are the biggest 80’s dress up ideas

The fashion of the 80’s dress up ideas is back and is just one of the trends par excellence. Here you can find out which clothes are typical of the eighties and with which 80’s theme dress up ideas you score at the next theme party!

Hard to believe, but true: The 80s fashion celebrates 2017/2018 its great revival. Whether luxury designers like Saint Laurent or fashion chains like H & M or Zara – the current collections are full of 80s outfits relics.

From ruffle blouses with puffed sleeves, over skirts and wide waist belts to carrot pants, everything is there that makes the ’80s heart beat faster. And even the super trendy metallic tones put us back in time by Wham !, Nena and Modern Talking.

It’s good to know that the 80s clothing represents a new way of life. Compared to the rather ordinary tendencies of the 70s, these 80s appear as a colorful, unusual and diverse explosion. Do you want to take part yourself or move back to these unique times? Take the example of the many picture ideas in the article and organize an 80s birthday party for your partner, for one of your best friends or for your own celebration. In the shops, you will find everything you need for the perfect 80’s theme dress up ideas. So the next themed party can come! Keep scrolling to find out more about the typical fashion trends of the 80s.

Unforgettable fashion trends of the 80s clothes


80's dress up ideas

Back in the 80’s dress up ideas: This fashion was in!

How exactly the original 80s dress up ideas fashion looked and what garments were the latest craze at that time, you will experience on our little fashion-time journey!

1. carrot pants

High waisted, wide at the hips and thighs and tight at the ankles, she was not necessarily the most capable figure flatterer. Nevertheless, she was carried up and down. In lacquer, made of fabric and jeans like in the typical 80s outfits washes Stonewashed, Moonwashed or Acid-Washed.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

2.shoulder pad

Broad shoulders were a must in the 80’s dress up ideas -, especially for women. Whether blouse, dress or blazer – everything was stuffed with thick shoulder pads until you looked like a professional swimmer. In general, the designers of the 80s fashion loved to lend a masculine touch to women’s clothing.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

3.puffed sleeve

More is more: In the 80’s dress up ideas, fashion was padded and puffed, what the stuff holds. In addition to shoulder pads, puffed sleeves were soo big. Incidentally, they were already very popular at the beginning of the 19th century. As the saying goes, everything will come back someday.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

4. Oversize Blazer

What we now understand as oversize was only laughed at in the 80’s dress up ideas. Oversize at that time was called: The part (preferably the blazer in men -Sakko blend) is perfect if it is felt five sizes too big. Dropped shoulders and XXL-width included.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

80s Fashion For Women

5. Leggings

‘Flashdance’, ‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Footloose’ the 80s outfits are the decade of dance films. And because the cinema audience wanted to emulate the spirit (and perhaps also the figure) of the protagonists, they went to the aerobics in droves – of course, stylish styled in leggings and body.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

6. Gauntlets

Speaking of aerobics. A must for the trend sport with its Queen Jane Fonda: leg warmers. It simply could not work without them. One does not want to catch a cold while sweating …

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas,80's dress up ideas

7. Viiiiiel jewelry

Bling, bling, climber, climber, showpiece, showpiece – not only on the shoulders and in the accessories was more definitely more. The 80s girl rivaled any Christmas tree with her jewelry. Top favorite: XXL hoops and bracelets, in neon colors.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas

8. Neon colors

Poison green, bright yellow or hot pink – the main thing, nice bright! Neon colors are typical of the 80’s dress up ideas in fashion. At that time you simply stood on the highlighter look. Cruel, I know.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas,80's dress up ideas

9. Geometric patterns

What’s worse than neon colors? Right, a pattern in neon colors. Especially geometric prints with circles, lines and wavy lines were the 80’s dress up ideas trendsetters. Even men had succumbed to the colorful pattern hype and even wore the eye cramp-causing color combos even on the ski slope. You have to let them – they had courage.

80's dress up ideas

10. Waist belt

Tame the masses! In the 1980s they tried to tame the oversized blazers, wide shirts and shapeless blouses with wide waist belts. Zack, simply tie – so at least a little silhouette could be seen.

80's dress up ideas,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas, 80's dress up ideas

11. Sequins and lurex

A huge thing in the 80’s dress up ideas fashion: Lurex. The shiny metallic threads in gold or silver were woven into everything that is not three on the trees. And so that the metallic part of each 1000-watt bulb steals the show, two kilos of sequins were thrown on the dress. You remember, more is more.

80's dress up ideas, ,80s outfits,80's theme dress up ideas, 80's dress up ideas



You can either dress up in the glaring style of the decade or disguise themselves as one of the currently popular stars. The style icon and still called “Queen of Pop” – Madonna, the “King” Michael Jackson, Nena and Dieter Bohlen – are just some of the possible music icons whose look you might like to copy. At Madonna, there are probably several possible 80’s dresses ideas for taking. But if you want to dress like Michael Jackson, do not forget the white glove.

“Lively for life” are the keywords with which one can exactly define the lifestyle of the epoch. This is to be noted in the 80s dress up ideas: colorful, shiny colors, comfortable clothes and shoes, and some splendor in the teased hairstyles and great accessories. All these trends indicate the joy of life. But they are not enough to describe this true fashion mess! So that you as alive as possible to experience the 80s with us or remember these unforgettable beautiful years, we have set up a detailed schedule description for you. If you notice that something has been left out of this list, feel free to contact us on comments and give your opinions regarding 80’s dress-up ideas!

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