Rocking ideas for round face long haircuts

Round face long haircuts and hairstyles are the most trending and demanding ideas all around Europe and many other countries. Ohh, snap, I forget to make you repeat this slogan along with me that ‘I love long hair and long haircuts for the round faces’. (Woaah, You’re so funny). Leave laughing and now answer me do you have long hair with a round face and are you looking for round face long haircuts? Then we have the solution for you! We present the round face long hairstyles 2018 for every occasion and in every difficulty level.

For years you have bred your mane, spoiled her with cures, a special hair oil, and Co. – but somehow you always have the same look? Or you just do not know what else to do with it? No problem. We reveal our favorite long haircuts for a round face.

Straight pony, steps, and V-cut: We show you hairstyles for round face long hair that make your long hair even more beautiful.

Round face long haircuts 2018

Straight pony

Elegant and beautiful. Hairstyles for round face long hair looks great with a straight pony. You can wear your straight bangs rigorously or you can have the bangs matched to the legal hair and slightly skew the sides.

Curly, long hair

Whether with the help of a curling iron or many small plaited braids, which remain overnight on the head: Wavy hair is for many smooth-haired ladies still a wishful dream, which is fortunately very easy to fulfill. Styling tip for this long hairstyle: Spray your hair with salt spray before you have completely dried. So the curls are wilder and last longer. The thicker you braid the braids, the bigger the curls will be. center parting.

Do you normally wear your part on the side? A new look in long hairstyles you can easily conjure up with a stylish center parting.

Beveled front part

A Long cuts for round face for women with long hair who do not (yet) trust a pony. With the beveled front part, you get more structure in your long hair and have a little more options when styling.

Many steps on straight hair

If you like it voluminous, you can get cut by your barber big steps. Her long mane gets a lot of movement and volume with this cut. You will not complain about flat hair anymore.


This long haircuts for a round face are one of the classic variants for long hair and conjure gentle steps. Why is his name? Because your hair, when you put it back, looks like a V.

Frans Pony

A beautiful idea for women with hairstyles for round face long hair: a frayed pony. He looks particularly beautiful with a step cut.

Extreme, deep-set vertex

Another variant of the crown, which is suitable as a round face long haircut is this: Put the crown on the bottom of one side and throw the hair on the other side. So you not only get a crazy volume, but also a decent variety.

Slight steps in wavy hair

If you do not want to cut your hair in stages, but still want a movement in your hair, you can get cut by your barber easy steps that thin out the hair to the tips. This will make your hair automatically wavy.

Turned strands

So simple and easy: the classic “half updo”. Here are some strands summarized at the top and attached to the back of the head with needles or a small clip. To make things even more special, you can leave two thin strands left and right (at the temples). Turn both tresses into a drawstring and tie them at the back.

Pinned side

For this hairstyle, you really only need one minute and above all a nice hairclip ( here’s for example ). Just pull a side parting and pin the hair part on the side with less hair, laterally tightly to the head. The beautiful hair clip gives the look that certain something.

Turned ponytail

This version makes the classic ponytail a bit more special. Simply tie a braid in the middle of the back of the head, split hairs above the hair tie and wind the ponytail through the opening.

Loosely braided plait

Create a once-in-a-lifetime, great-looking version of the long hairstyles by throwing your mane on one side and braiding a loose braid without first making a great point. On the other side of the head may like a few hairs loose from the braid – so the look looks immediately more casual.

Open & natural

It’s as simple as it is pretty: well-groomed hair is best felt when you wear it open. But only if your hair is healthy and shiny. A little tip: When shampooing, use a shampoo without silicones – so the mane remains healthy.

Hat & Co.

You have a Bad Hair Day and none of the long hairstyles already mentioned will work? Then off to the hat shop! Because with a smart headwear not only spice up every outfit but also turn every bad hair day into positive. If you are not a fan of hats, of course, it is also base caps. Here are some hat tips suits for round face as well as different face shapes.

Hairstyles for round face long hair combined with Buns

Do you have little time in the morning and still feel like a great hairstyle? Then there are some tips on how to make the perfect 5-minute hairstyle for round face long hair.


Especially in the cold season, we would like to have some extra heat. Just tie your hair together and hide the braid in a cuddly turtleneck sweater. So you conjure up a bob and get some extra heat at the same time.


The Bun is still a favorite look in long hair hairstyles. Because: He is practical and always looks stylish. And especially with long hair, he has a nice volume without having to be reinforced by various hair pieces.

Half Bun

In addition to the complete bun, the half version with long hair looks fabulous, of course. For this long hairstyle, just divide off half of your covering hair and knot it loosely on the head. In this way, your hair does not blow in your face when it’s windy, and your long hair still looks good.


In addition to the bun, there is another great way to conjure up the hair casually from the face: the top knot. Simply knot your long hair together on the top of your head – as often as possible, until only the tips of the knot artwork look out. Meanwhile a classic among long hairstyles. If your hair does not stay in the knot by itself, you can help with hairpins and spray.

The classic “Messy Bun”

The “fast bun” is nothing new, but it requires a bit more tact to keep it sitting perfectly for a long time. Then he is not only suitable as a “home hairstyle”, but also for the office or the party. Simply tie hairs tightly to a bun and then carefully pull individual strands out of the rubber. But please, so that they do not fall out completely. So give the hairstyle more volume and the “messy look”. Nice detail: pull out a strand completely, wrap it around the hair elastic behind the hair band, so that it is covered, and fasten it with a hairpin.

From a variety of round face long haircuts, ponytails to the messy hairy buns we have presented multiple such ideas which you could and definitely should implement and share with your friends. These all really amazing round face long haircuts have been traditionally used around the world occasionally or casually so you can use them as it is or with little bit changes to get them more unique for yourselves.

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