Most appealing round face hairstyle Ideas

We girls with the backpacks want rough edges for round face hairstyles !

And that works – with the short haircut or round face.

We show hairstyle for round face that flatter your natural face shape.

Round face shapes need a hairy contrast program. With the right haircut, you stretch your face visually and make the cheeks look narrower.

The perfect length for round faces

For round face hairstyles almost always: shorter is better. shorter hair stretches the overall look. By strands that fall laterally in the face, the face can be additionally modeled. Because round faces have almost no corners and edges, which makes them look wider. Hairstyles that play around the face hectic, therefore generate immediately narrower. The short haircut can highlight the merits of a round face if the facial features are very feminine. When doing a short haircut, make sure that the volume is at the top of the head and the sides are narrow.

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The perfect cut for round faces

For short hair, it is important to make sure to generate little volume on the sides. Ideally, hairstyles for the round, therefore, before having a step cut, which gently intercepts the volume and softly blends the hair lengths into each other. Avoid hairstyles that are strictly styled and edgy cut and above all give volume on the sides.

Careful, Bob!

The short bobs cut is still trendy, but not necessarily for every face shape. If you want to wear a bob with a round face, you should note the following: A short, chin-length bob tucks tightly around the face, framing it, emphasizing its shape. The face looks more circular and wider. That’s why you’d rather choose a shoulder-length long bob that stretches your facial contours. Absolutely taboo for round faces should be short bob cuts with straight bangs. Since round faces usually have a short forehead, the straight pony shortens the forehead once more. The face is then framed on all sides and emphasized too massively in its basic form.

Vertex for round faces

With the perfect hairstyles for round faces, the apex also plays a decisive role. Depending on whether it is sitting centrally or laterally, the appearance and proportion of the face very optically. Basically, the more the side of the head is pulled, the wider the face looks. For hairstyles for round faces, therefore, the middle ground is the royal road. The center parting is especially good for all women with a round face. Of course, you can also experiment with a side vertex. Preferably wear it at an angle and on the top of the eyebrow. With an obliquely rounded bang and at least shoulder-length step cut, you do not do anything wrong.

Pony with round faces

Hardly any other styling changes the shape and expression of the face more than a pony. In hairstyles for round faces, the strict is even particularly crucial, as a wrong cut the face quickly penetrated and thus can look even wider. An absolute no-go with wide and round faces is, therefore, a straight pony that reaches to the eyebrows. A pony hairstyle is especially beneficial when it is worn slightly laterally and becomes longer towards the sides. The shortest part of the pony should reach the eyebrows. On the sides, the pony may then extend smoothly to the chin with round faces.

Volume modeled

The perfect hairstyle for a round face is also a matter of abundance. Because voluminous hair can make the face unnecessarily lush or narrower. All hairstyles that conjure volumes on the top of the head, but remain narrow at the sides, stretch the face. However, faces appear crowded when the volume on the sides builds up the hairdo.

Step cuts for round faces 

Do you love your long mane? Then you best caress your round face hairstyles with a casual step cut, in which the hair falls laterally in the face. The Curtain Fringe is announced and is great for you. This loosens the very harmonious, round shape of your face.

Don’t-  Tie back long hairs. If you want to put your hair together, tie it up to a loose top knot. This visually stretches the face. The hairstyle looks best here as well, when a few strands fall casually into the face.

The praise

Moving volume is the magic word when it comes to round face hairstyles shapes. Perfect is the praise that ends between the chin and collarbone. Light waves play around the round face and make it look narrower.

Don’t- Blend the praise smoothly inwards, wear with center parting and clamp behind the ears. The more natural the look, the better he faces women with a round face.

Styling tips for round face hairstyles

Braided round face hairstyles not only look beautiful, they are also great for round faces because they grab attention and distract attention from the face shape. However, it is always important for hairstyles for round faces that they do not frame the face and in this way put unnecessary emphasis on it. For example, two side Heidi braids would have this effect. It’s better to have looks that work visually in length, such as a high-carrying bun. Even a single braid, which is braided down on one face and teased at the hairline, makes the face look longer and thus narrower.

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Make-up tip for round faces 

In addition to the haircut on round face especially the makeup decides on the effect of the face shape. If you want to draw a slightly narrower face, you will work with rouge or bronzer. Dark colors let the desired places optically recede. Rouge and Bronzer are thereby however by no means applied circularly on the cheeks; the apple cheek look makes it unnecessarily wide. Instead, emphasize only a short line below the cheekbone where the cheekbone protrudes the highest. To make the face contour narrower, the temples and the chin are subtly shaded.

You are looking for the round face hairstyles, but do not know which round face hairstyles short fits your face shape? Who wants to make her round face hairstyles look narrower, here we have collected most beautiful and most advantageous haircut on round face of stars and models! So what are you waiting for? Just go and try one of our haircut on round face. Share this post with your lovable friends too if they also have a round face and are troubling which hairstyles will suit them.

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