Quarantine Hairstyle and Beard Fashion For Men

When compressed in a waffle maker, even the bread comes out with block patterns. The same goes for humans. Amidst the indomitable stress of the pandemics where they are quarantined and cannot stop the lockdown, these homos sapiens are doing what is in their power. That is – trimming their hair, dying it in multi-shades or cropping their stubble.

Yes! All thanks to the inviting nature of boredom that is enabling the helpless to exercise their power over the few variables that are in their control. The fact that salons, barbershops, and beauty parlors are shuttered across the globe for at least two months, the home bound humans are taking the hairy situation in their hands with little to no success.

From celebrities to commoners, everyone is playing hairdresser at home and taking it to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok to share their new look. Here’s a list of every quarantine hairstyle, including facial hair patterns observed among men during the lockdown.

Men’s hairstyle:

Where some single men are running the trimmer on their hair with a mirror at the back, the married ones are calling their spouses for the trim. As a consequence of which, the good, the bad, and the hilarious haircuts are making rounds on social media under the hashtags of #coronacuts #covidcuts, #quarantinehairstyle and #quarantinehaircut.

Even Geoffrey Frost, the owner of Frost Salon in Atlanta, suggests individuals not to take their haircare into their own hands, especially the ones who haven’t done it before. Yet the men are practicing it with certain degrees of success

1. Buzzcut

The hottest new haircut given to the celebs by their spouses while sheltering in place is the buzzcut. Quick and easy, the buzzcut is taking the social media on storm and is being applied by many.

David Beckham just gave himself a close-cropped do while sheltering in place. This isn’t the first time this style icon has gone for buzzing; he has done that many times for the photoshoot and in his playing career. Yet, there is one thing one has to admit. Becks is still nailing it.

A boy buzzcut

The buzzcut has now mounted another seam of popularity as the Portugal football star, Cristiano Ronaldo, has stepped in the buzz stadium.

His girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, was observed giving his hair a real home job in a video recently shared by the Ballon d’Or owner himself. Though he hasn’t shared his new after-the-head-shave look yet, the fans are already giving themselves a buzz job proving their loyalty towards him.

Actor Stephen Graham, 46, has also shocked the world with his shaven look. Paired with a video of his son shaving his head amidst chuckles, he tweeted, “Lockdown locks.”

Stephan graham haircut

Another one, adhering to the trend is Cody R. Simpson. “Buzzin. Clean cuts for clean oceans!” says the Australian singer in his new Instagram time-lapse post, staring his girlfriend, Miley Cyrus. In the video, she was seen shaving his shaggy hair into a buzzcut, which the stylists argue, appeared more than a boredom cut.


The twenty-five-year-old, Spanish soccer star, Hector Bellerin, also shared his freshly home-buzzed look on twitter with a caption, “Stay home, enjoy the sun.”

Spanish soccer star

Anthony Rapp, the ‘Star Trek: Discovery actor recently shared a before and after picture of his shorn scalp done by his fiancé, Ken Ithiphol. He casually captioned it, saying, “I’ve always wondered how I would look like in a buzzed head. What time to discover the results than while I’m sheltering in place?”

Riz Ahmed, ‘The OA’ actor, also wetted his feet in the popular game and turned to the clippers stating:


Hairdresser’s opinion:

In response to the new buzzed-head trend, the hair experts are raising concerns. Jonathan Van, the grooming expert, was observed uploading a picture of his pulled back hair, “Don’t try new lewks during quarantine, he says.

British GQ style and grooming director Teo Van Den Broeke informed the hair experimenters, “Shaved head isn’t for everyone. One must have a lot of symmetry in his head to make the shaved head really work. Long heads, bumpy heads, and narrow heads don’t really suit a shaved head.”

2. Slim Trim 

Another easy peasy quarantine hairstyle trending in the celeb world is the slim trim. The latest post taking the internet by storm under the hashtag of quarantine hairstyle is the one provided by Brian Coughlin.

The picture frames him before and after the haircut given by his wife, Ashley, in Evanston, III. The accomplished litigator was habitual of visiting the barber every eight to ten weeks. He asked his wife to give him a cut with the clippers when he was a month overdue. The result turned out prettier than expected.

Slim trim with his girl firend


Another couple duo, Anushka Sharma, Indian actor, and Viral Kohli, Indian cricketer, added a video documenting the quarantine haircut challenge on social media. Over the past few weeks, the adorable couple has been urging their followers to stay in their homes and take safety precautions.

Lately, the husband-wife duo has given their fans a sneak peek of how they’re keeping themselves calm amidst the hustle. In the new video shared by Anushka Sharma on her official Instagram handle, the star is observed giving his husband’s hair a slim trim. Over which, the husband joked, “This is what quarantine does to you. You allow these things to happen.”

Virat with his wife

Hairdresser’s opinion:

Supporting the trim trend, Van Den Broeke, the grooming director, said, “There’s no one to judge you at home, so why not remove one extra stressor — namely your hair.”

While some hairstylists are extra cautious as both celebs and individuals are taking the hair game in their hand. The Salon Project stylist Kali Ferrara says, “Don’t do it. It will cost you more time and money.” The stylists discussed how the regular salon visitors must avoid the urge to maintain their color, keeping their bob or lob neat or cutting their split ends. She added, “One wrong snip and there you are with a mullet or mushroom cut which may take up to a year to grow out.”

3. Mullet

Another quarantine hairstyle that is rife among the celebrities during the pandemic is mullet. When Blake Shelton took it to twitter with a video of Gwen, his girlfriend, running her fingers through his new hairdo, we knew the couple had been watching a lot of Tiger King. Just kidding.  “Quarantine mullet update 3/26/2020,” he tweeted. Usually, mullet denotes “business-in-the-front and party-at-the-back attitude, but Gwen took it to new extremes by giving two snips onto each side of Blake’s hair.



4. Quarantine Hair color

Where some are giving their hair a crop job in quarantine, the rest are going for hair dye options. Ricky Martin, the Puerto Rican singer, is observed with his dyed pink hair, and, later on, the request of his son buzzed them off.

On the other hand, some aren’t coloring them at all and letting their gray hair surface. Comedian-actor Kevin Hart shared his home look in a video on Instagram, revealing his salt-and-pepper hair and beard. In conversation with Ellen DeGeneres, who posted it on Instagram, he said, “Everybody’s going gray. I’m going to embrace it right now. I look like Morgan Freeman’s nephew.”

   Hairdresser’s opinion:

   Frost, an experienced color and hair expert from “The Frost Salon” in Atlanta, says, “We advise our clients to avoid coloring their hair.” He presses individuals how not to panic if they are to appear for a video call or anything and allow their natural color to surface. For those who are ashamed of their true hair color can use a brush-on powder to cover grown-out roots.

Hiding the skunk stripe can fix the problem temporarily until the salons open up again. The professionals are coming forward, asking individuals to give their hair a break. Emphasizing on the essentials, Ferrara – the hair expert said, “Now’s a good time to do masks on your hair and not use heat on it. Better take this time at home to feel better instead of looking better.”

5. Beard game

Forever known for his standout behavior, let alone his choices in life, Jim Carrey has kept it different in the quarantine hairstyle game this time as well. He hasn’t given his hair a crop job, but the 58-year-old actor was observed documenting his beard growth as he shelters in place. Boosting about his stubble, he tweeted, “Day 3. Beard growth seems slower in isolation.”

Hairdresser’s opinion:

Watching the beard game going strong among the celebrities and individuals, some hairdressers’ have come on the front foot showing their concern. “For all those who are growing out their facial hair while sheltering in place must consider CDC’s warning in the matter,” one of them stated.

“They cautioned that in case of contracting COVID- 19, the growers would need breathing assistance. Certain beards and mustaches could get in the way and conflict with life-saving respirators. But then again, that’s not to say, giving your hair a buzzcut is any better from the beauty standpoint.

6. Facial hair-shave and trim

Where some are keen on growing their stubble However, other celebrities are going for shave-it-all-off options during the quarantine. Jonathan Van Ness, who otherwise sported a thick luster of facial hair, recently shaved it all off on March 21. “The Queen Star” was observed playing around with his chin on an Instagram post before going completely clean-shaven.

On March 25, Stephan Colbert, uploaded a video on his Insta handle, where he was adorably seen using his wife’s make-up to bring his face to normal. The late-night host was pulling it off really well in his dyed and trimmed facial hair, that was giving off an impression of Jr.’s Tony Stark with the goatee.

Final words-

To every man out there thinking about coloring, cutting or otherwise changing their hair or beard should as well know that the call comes from somewhere deep inside. It can also be a consequence of your unprocessed emotions or boredom which can’t simply go away by shedding the dead end on the bathroom floor. So, think wisely before going for any of the haircut, hair dye or shaving options because any wrong choice could bring about hair or its roots damage.


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