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Natural eye makeup with black dress-Perfect Eye Makeup For You

Here are best tips for eye makeup with black dress. What do you have to do when you reach a certain effect? That does not appear in the image of the temptress, but only to emphasize her natural beauty and delicacy. Which make-up to pick? Stay “Nude” style. The makeup can be used in everyday situations. Cosmetics should be applied to the face in such a way as to create the appearance of its complete absence. So you have to do it? 

  1. Use a light foundation Shade of the cream is adapted to the color of her skin. Or on the        lighter shade.
  2. Eyebrow line is necessary to be done for eye makeup, emphasized by means of contour pencil or shadow, in harmony with the color of the hair. Blondes tend to use light coffee color. Brown-haired – brown.
  3. Eye shadow selected smudged brown color. Lipstick – shades of coral. Eyelashes necessary paint a black layer.

With a black dress in a natural make-up fits perfectly beige. It can be applied on the lips and eyes. In the daily version beige hue is also applied to the cheekbones. And try Bronzer. 

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eye makeup with black dress:

Natural eye make up with black dress
Party look by changing lip shade:

For lip makeup you should choose matte bright red shades. Apply the lipstick with a special brush to distribute it evenly. Women with the light skin can choose cooler shades, for example, plum. If you have tan skin, it is better to use warm colors.  As picture below, you can get ready by our easy tips for eye makeup and add reddish or plum lipstick to go for party.

eye make up with black dress

Black dress, of course, is a versatile article of clothing. Make-up picks him up. However, to create the ideal image, it is still necessary to follow some rules.

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Makeup for brown eyes under the black dress will require the use of brown palette. Note that dark colors “overload” view, makes it tired and messy. Mascara is always used in black. Emphasize the need to focus on something: or on the lips or eyes. Black mute turns on the other colors, so that the eyes highlight, make-up intensively. Otherwise, on a background of black clothes you just lost. Regardless of the color of the lipstick, its texture should be dull. Cheek make-up is done using a soft blush of pink or peach tones. For a festive atmosphere can be very useful to powder bronzer effect.


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