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long hair with bangs for round face girl

A round face has nothing to do with the weight – and yet many a narrower facial features. The trick: With the right hairstyle, a lot can be done! Face shapes are as different as their wearers – and that’s a good thing. But we know each other, we are not always satisfied with our appearance. If you have round proportions in your face, you may want to have narrower facial features. The good thing: You do not have to grease your face with kilos of make-up, but you can do tricks with hairstyles!  You do not want to part with your long hair with bangs, but you want a little more variety in hair styling? No problem! We deliver you great inspirations and present you the most beautiful long hair with bangs 2018.

Pretty Short Hairstyles For Teenage Girls

Round shape persons call unsuccessful – it looks wide, full and a bit flat. But you should not be upset – the beautiful and properly picked bang for the round face will help to change the look and correct all nuances.


Wedding hairstyles with bangs


long hair with bangs,long hair with bangs 2018,long hairs with bangs and layers.


Nevertheless, with strokes, more and more options for long hair with bangs and layers hairstyles allow considering a variety of different and innovative hairstyles. It’s hard to make us a bang because it’s a hairstyle, but also flattering, though not all of us stand for the same kind of fringe. Some people feel better, others have a long hair with bangs pony and many have a short pony.

The hair that we will make depends a lot on how long we have hair. If you want to wear a long mane, chances are great. We can always show a pleasant pony, one of the ways we have is to weaken all our hair and divide our pony in two. So he will fall aside and we will wear a light comb. This hairstyle can also be worn with half a mane.

Asymmetric and oblique bangs


long hair with bangs,long hair with bangs 2018,long hairs with bangs and layers.


A top position in the trend long hair with bangs round faces barometer. The hair on the back of the head is layered from the front part. This look is particularly good for women with a round face shape, as the oblique bangs make the face appear narrower. Asymmetric pony can also adorn any haircut. Such a bang helps hide the asymmetry of the face and bring harmony to the image. Asymmetrical pony goes well with all hairstyles.

Amazing haircuts for chubby round face

Straight bangs and Fringe hairstyle


long hair with bangs,long hair with bangs 2018,long hairs with bangs and layers.

More hairstyles for long hair with bangs

The most popular hairstyles with a bang for long hair – flat section, ladder, and cascade. On long hair you can make any hair, pony fits everywhere. Loose, straight or curly hair with a neatly laid or on one side of a hairpin – a flower – pinned hair great option hairstyles. If you make an extravagant hairstyle with the action of wet hair, a pony can be sharpened with a gel and lie a little on one side. You will get a very bold stylish hairstyle. In combination with a voluminous, sparse mesh, the asymmetrical pony looks perfectly to the side. Look good evening hairstyles – Babette, shell, but with a neat straight or oblique bangs.

What should I pay attention to when choosing a hairstyle with a bang? 
1. On Curly Hair Making it a bang is complex or difficult, so sit back or get ready to stack it with iron every day.
2. Adjust the pony like this: wash, blow-dry, turn slightly inwards. Many beat well and without laying.
3. You do not have to comb your pony and create a pillow with your forehead, the fashion for such hairstyles is long gone.
4. If your hair is oily, then pay close attention to the pony. It’s just that the haircut with the untrained pony looks awful.
These hairstyles are said to leave some of the hair longer than others, and you can leave the remains that fall from your face longer, and the hair that covers your neck can cut you more.

This is how your head is exposed, and this hairstyle is also suitable for women who do not have a very small face since the front fascicles hide and conceal the facial features. Made a haircut long hair with bangs and brushed in one direction.


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