Permanent Pink Hair dye – Look Pinkish, Look Stunning

Permanent pink hair dye is the perfect summer trend: pastel hair in pink! No matter if you combine them girlish or punk, they are THE eye-catcher. In addition, we can fight with it the boredom on our heads. If the hairdresser is too expensive for you or if you are more of a practical type, you can dye your hair at home. The colors are in every drugstore, and if you follow the instructions, nothing can go wrong.

With our tips, you will definitely achieve a nice result. The new summer trend is a girl’s look – the fresh rose pink conquers the minds of stars like Poppy Delevingne and Ashley Tisdale, but fashion bloggers wear the color more and more often. An ideal shade for light hair, which is refined with the gentle pink touch. There are a variety of trendy colors in Permanent pink hair dye, the important thing is that you think carefully, which color fits your type and which color you feel most comfortable with. How to dye your hair pink, even without bleaching, you will find out here.

The color you get at the end is also affected by your natural hair color. So you should try to define your hair tone exactly, or even ask a hairdresser for advice.

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Permanent pink hair dye

The short-term preparation is just as important. Because only the colorant buy is not enough. Before you really start applying the Permanent pink hair dye, you should find a few tools together! Important: A bowl for mixing the dye, hairpins and a comb to divide up individual lots, an old towel or T-shirt so that no stains remain, and a clock to check the exposure time. Only when you have all of this, you should touch the color, because then it has to be applied directly and you have no time left to get you any additional resources.

Just coloring your hair spontaneously is not such a good idea. First, you should think about whether you want to color your hair the same or prefer to sound first to find the right shade. A coloring must grow out, while a tint after a few washes outside again.

Then you should bring your hair into shape, so cut your tips or get you a whole new cut – In any case, broken tips from, on broken hair, the color can look very different. Then you can prepare your hair for several weeks with an intensive treatment for the color. Planning ahead can, therefore, help to achieve the best possible result.

Which initial hair color do I need for Permanent pink hair dye?

In general, as in painting: all colors are best displayed on a white background. For your hair, this means that they should ideally be white blonde or at least light blond so that the best permanent pink hair dye really comes into its own afterward. Here are the initial hair colors with a possible result at a glance:

White / Light Blonde

pastel pink hair dye, hot pink hair dye permanent – everything is possible!

Warm blond/blond with a yellowish tinge

You probably will not get the typical cotton candy pink here; it may come out a sound reminiscent of Blorange Hair.

Medium blond

With Rosa, you can let your hair be rose gold or strawberry blond.

Dark blonde/light brown

With a strong pink or pink you can get a nice rose brown, which also has its charm.

Medium Brown / Dark Brown

Unfortunately, these hair colors are simply too dark for a pink. Blonding only helps!

Red hair

With a strong pink you can give your hair a magenta tone.

If you do not have really light hair and you still want to be part of the pastel best pink hair dye trend, you’ll need to bleach your hair in advance or at least lighten it with the Ombré look. This can put a lot of strain on the hair, so think carefully about whether you want to take the risk.

How long does the  Permanent pink hair dye hold in your hair?

Unfortunately, there is no product in the normal trade, with which you can dye your hair permanently pink. You just have different ways to make your pink hair shimmer. This works through pigments that lay on the hair surface, so do not penetrate deep into the hair structure, such as a permanent color. The shelf life is limited on average to 3 to 10 washes, so about 1 to 4 weeks. The intensity of the color decreases more and more until finally, all the pigments have disappeared again. With strained hair, it may be that they wash out even faster. Then you can turn it pink again or try another color, the short shelf life has advantages and disadvantages.

Dye hair pink: That’s how it works

Permanent pink hair dye

In order to get the hair pink, tints are used as in the graying of the hair. For example, you can use the following products:

  • Directions: z. Pastel Pink, Carnation Pink, Flamingo
  • Manic Panic: z. Cotton Candy Pink, Hot Hot Pink, Pretty Flamingo
  • Color Freedom: Pink Pizazz
  • Colorista: Pinkhair, Dirtypinkhair
  • Colorful hair (L’Oréal): Pink sorbet
  • Igora Royal Pearlescence (Blackhead): Pastel Candy

You can get all the products either in the drugstore, on Amazon or in the hairdressing supplies.

Tip: Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Some tints are already mixed, others you need to mix with a developer or you can dilute the color (as with Directions) with a rinse so that the result is pastel and not gaudy.

Instructions :

  1. Whether you should apply the pink tint on dry or damp hair, you can refer to the package leaflet. If you have previously bleached your hair, you can tint the hair directly afterward.
  2. Divide your hair into multiple batches by pulling multiple pinnacles and pinning these batches with hairpins.
  3. Put on gloves, put a towel over your shoulders and mix the color with developer or conditioner if necessary.
  4. With a brush, you can now apply the tint evenly, lot by lot.
  5. Keep the contact details of the manufacturer and note: The longer you leave the tint on it, the more intense the color will be in the end.
  6. Rinse hair with clear water. You do not usually need to wash them afterward.

To keep the beautiful pink as long as possible, you should maintain your hair after tinting sufficiently and use shampoo for colored hair. 

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