How to do natural makeup to look super stunning

How to do natural makeup look?

How to do natural makeup? Is it take too long or too difficult? No! We’ll show you how to get a natural, beautiful and simple look. Here you will learn in ten steps, the best how to natural makeup real simple tips from professionals!

Beautiful woman with natural makeup

How to do natural makeup? Follow our 10-step guide for a simple, beautiful and natural makeup look!


Step by step to how to do makeup that looks natural

Preparation: The prerequisite for how to do natural makeup look is the right preparation. A moisturizer brings a fresh look and forms the perfect foundation for the natural makeup look. Always start with a light eye cream for your facial care. Then the concealer can be applied evenly.

Step 1: Concealer / Corrector

Corrector neutralizes dark spots. For this purpose, a pink or peaches, you apply to the darkest places. Over the Corrector, you can give then a yellowish Concealer. Wear the concealer under the eyes and lightly tap it with your fingers. To fix, take a yellowish or white powder. Apply this on the eyelids as well, because it reduces glossy or dark spots. For how to do makeup that looks natural, choose your concealer one or two shades lighter than your skin tone.

Step 2: Foundation

First, you need to find the right shade for your foundation. For that, you give different shades on your cheek and forehead. The right tone disappears on the skin. You should look at the colors in daylight. You can spread the foundation with a brush, sponge or fingers. You can apply it to the whole face, or just where the makeup is meant to provide an even complexion. To cover any impurities, put the makeup pen or concealer directly on the affected area and gently pat it in with your fingers. As a lightweight alternative to a foundation, you can use a tinted moisturizer.

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Step 3: Powder

Do you want to make your makeup more durable? Give powder in a pale yellow color (with a very light skin you can also use white powder) over the places with concealer. Then spread with a powder brush or a powder puff powder on the face.

Step 4: Rouge

For a fresh look, the natural makeup look also includes the right blush. Smile and give a natural Broughton to the protruding part of your cheeks. Blurs the blush down to the hairline.
For more luminosity, you can give some shimmer powder or cream rouge on the cheekbones.

Step 5: Lipstick

Again, the preparation for a perfect natural makeup look is very important! Your lips must be clean and smooth. Lipsticks in nude colors should be applied with a lip brush, as this allows you to distribute the color more precisely. Neutral and transparent lipsticks can also be applied directly. Make sure the lipstick matches your natural lip color. Otherwise, your makeup will quickly become unnatural.

Step 6: Lip Contour

Lip Contour Pen If you outline your lips after applying the lipstick, your look will look very natural. The contour pen also prevents the color from bleeding. For a long-lasting makeup, you can color your entire lips with contour pencil before you apply the lipstick.

Step 7: Eyebrows

With the right makeup, you can bring your eyebrows into perfect shape, bringing out your eyes. Emphasize the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder in your eyebrow color. When applying, you begin at the inside of the brow and follow with light strokes of the natural brow shape. With unruly eyebrow hair, you can take Brow-Shaper to tame.

Step 8: Eye Shadow

Face Powder on the unvarnished eyelids is the perfect foundation for eye makeup as it smoothes the skin and prolongs its shelf life. First, evenly distribute a bright eyeshadow from the eyelash edge to the brow bone. Then apply a medium tone to the eyelid crease on the eyelid. If you want to add an accent, you can add another color to the moving eyelid.

Step 9: Eyeliner

How to do natural makeup look also includes the right eyeliner. Pull the upper eyelash edge. Choose the darkest possible color, this can be dry or wet. If you also want to tighten the lower eyelash edge, you should make sure that the two eyelid lines meet in the outer corner of the eye and that the lower line is softer. A special makeup tips how to do makeup that looks natural for feminine eyes: Add an extra line of eyeliner directly above your normal eyeliner. Choose a black eyeliner for this.

Step 10: Mascara

First, you have to decide which mascara you need. Should your makeup last for a long time? Then you should definitely choose waterproof mascara. Volume Mascara makes your eyelashes look denser. If you want a natural makeup look, you should grab an eyelash-extending mascara. The color of your mascara should also be chosen based on your type and makeup look. Deep black mascara highlights the eyes and leaves the strongest impression, brown mascara is well suited for a softer look.

Before you shower you can use eyelash curlers to shape your eyelashes, then you should not do that anymore: the eyelashes can break! When washing the eyelashes, hold the mascara brush horizontally and brush from the lash line to the tips. Roll the brush off slightly so that your eyelashes do not stick together and form no lumps. Apply two to three mascara layers.

That’s it with the makeup tips. And now its time to try our best steps for how to do natural makeup. Makeup wants to be learned. So if you keep following Fashion Bells you will learn more new makeup ideas. I hope you like this one because everyone wants to do natural makeup and looks natural instead of bright and sharp makeup. You can use this natural makeup look in day events, offices and many more or If you are bored with your daily makeup routine. I think our article will help you to become so much natural in makeup and simple look.





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