Hooded Eyes Celebrities- Eyeshadows, Eyeliner and Eye Makeup Tips

Hooded Eyes Celebrities-Would you like to know what the hooded eye is and how to promote eye makeup for eyelids? Here you will find information about what they are, Hooded Eyes Celebrities, make-up tips for these eye types including eyeshadows. Eyeliner, mascara, eyebrow trimming and makeup and much more.

What are eyelids?

Hooded eyes refer to eye type whose upper eyelids are completely hidden or almost completely through the upper eye part especially if your eyes are open. This creates a hood like eyesight, hence the name. If you have hooded eyelids, you can barely see the natural wrinkle on eyelid because of the above-mentioned extra skin that hides it. This does not mean you have mono lid eyes, or you do not have wrinkles like Asian eyes. They have them, but they are not visible.

In addition, there are slight variations, with some of the upper-lid natural fold completely hidden, some in part, while others can be seen, you can see the natural fold in one eye, while you can not see it on the other eye. Beauty is all about uniqueness and I find the people hooded eyelids as well as those with oriental charming. a deep sentence or other eye types. You just have to know how to apply female celebrities with hooded eyes makeup properly and you will look great.

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Celebrities and models with hooded eyes

Do you have a hood? You are not the only one. Many female celebrities with hooded eyes have to give this eye. Some Hooded Eyes Celebrities are Paris Hilton, Taylor Swifts, Jennifer Lawrence, Camilla Belle, Blake Lively, Leelee Sobieski, Renée Zellweger, and Malin Akerman, etc. You should look at how to apply makeup and monkeys. This is the simplest way of looking good when you have them.


Hooded Eyes Celebrities


Hooded Eyes Celebrities Make-up for eyelids & Eyeshadow, eyeliners, mascara and eyebrows

If you have them, you need to make sure you know how to use makeup to properly enhance your look. Of course, applying eye makeup for hood eyelids is a challenge as your upper eyelids are not visible anyway!

However, we’ve covered important hooded eye makeup tips that will help to improve the appearance of your hood eyelids. This is especially due to the few people who do not find the fact that they pleasant or someone who wants to improve their appearance. While discussing these tips, we will see how to apply eyeliner. Eyeshadow and other eye makeup for people with hood eyelids.

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To be clear, people with such eye types are free to experiment with whatever eye makeup color they want. It is unfortunate that most of it will not be seen on the upper eyelids when you have your eyes open. However, if you decide on which eye makeup colors and styles, you must compliment it to ensure or flatter your eye color. Skin color and other facial features. In addition, you can create different looks including the smokey eye looks.

Eyebrow make-up and make-up for eyelids

Do not forget to groom your eyebrows when you have hooded eyes. You should shape them according to your face shape. See more on eyebrow shapes for different face shapes. You can also use your eyebrows with a good eyebrow powder or pencil to get rid of, to define the sparse eyebrow appearance and help to create more space to apply eye makeup. Defined eyebrows can help improve the appearance of your hood eyelids. Undone eyebrows only worsen the look of the eyes, which are hooded eyes attractive.

Some make up tips before you apply eye shadow:

Get a high quality primer
Hooded eyes often tend to be rather wrinkled and greasier than the rest of the facial skin. Therefore, keep the eye shadow on and avoid sliding doors anywhere on the lids, you must use a good eye primer. Apply it on the eyelids, make up in front of each eye to make sure it stays in place. There are a lot of eye primers on the market these days with different price tags; So get the one that best suits your needs. If you do not want to invest in a foundation, use your concealer as the base for your eye makeup.
Use smudge resistance mascara and eyeliner
People with hooded eyes often have problems with blurring and smearing the eyeliner and mascara. After your eyeliner line perfect, you can pick it up instantly with a blink of an eye really a horror. So to avoid this, always use stain proof and waterproof eye make up products like eyeliner and mascara. Fiber mascara are a good choice as they never blur but can still be easily removed with water before going to bed.

How to apply eyeshadow on hooded eyelids

You need to be careful and easy to deviate from the conventional eyeshadow makeup tutorials that apply you eyeshadow darker only to fold your eye. You need something to go over but not on your forehead bone. Before we consider applying eyeshadow in the steps, it is important to always make sure that you apply eyeshadow with movements that are up to help lift the eyelids. This helps a lot if you have eyes that are hooded as they tend to have a droopy look.

Wear correct eye makeup for the hood eyelids

  1. Start with a smooth foundation, on your clean and oil-free eyelids application. If you have eye wrinkles or dark circles. Apply eye concealer to help them camouflage and make their eyes look open. You can use a translucent powder dust concealer after applying it to stay in place.
  2. Apply eyeshadow foundation and eyeshadow base. Each one has different roles to play. See more on eyeshadow foundation and eyeshadow base.
  3. Next, apply a highlighter on your lower lashes inner corner of the eye and on the forehead bone to help lighten your eyes. But do not overdo it.
  4. Apply lighter eyeshadow from your eyelash line up to your eye’s wrinkles. This will help to create the illusion of eyelids.
  5. Apply the penumbral (mid-tone eyeshadow) on your eye wrinkles over your hooded area to help eyelid hood to recede a bit and mix thoroughly. Continue on an upper outer corner of an eye. Also, apply the penumbra (mid-tone eyeshadow). You should apply it to the top and to help the outside, your eyes will be raised a bit. In addition, you can also create a V shape and mix it in over the eyelid folds and under the lower eyelash edge,
  6. Apply eyeshadow on the lower eyelid with the lighter eyeshadow towards the inner corner of the eye and darker toward the outer corner of the eye.

However, if you want, apply the darkest eyeshadow on the eyelid folds and on the hood which covers the wrinkles. This helps to make the hood appear to be fleeing. However, do not go as high as you have gone with the mid-tone eyeshadow, and mix thoroughly.

How to apply eyeliner on hooded eyelids

You need to be careful before applying eyeliner and to make sure are hooded eyes pretty to transfer to the eyelids when you open your eyes. It is most recommended that only the best brands of liquid eyeliners as pencil or gel eyeliner transfer their color to your eye does when you open big eyes. Here’s how to apply eyeliner:

  • Line your entire upper eyelash edge with a thin line and do the same at the lower eyelash line starting from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner of the eye. Let the eyeliner have you applied as close to base on your eyelashes as possible.


  • Try to help your upper inner eye edges to guide your eyelashes look much thicker

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How to apply Mascara on hooded eyes

Mascara can extend the look of your hooded eyelids. It is advisable to just curl your upper eyelashes before you can apply your mascara. You should also apply only mascara on your upper eyelids. If you like fake eyelashes. They are one of the best companions!

Tips, secrets, and advice for hooded eyelids

When applying eye makeup, you need to follow the following tips and secrets if you want a stunning and irresistible Hooded Eyes Celebrities to look.

  • Always thoroughly mix your eye makeup to make sure there are no color streaks or demarcations.


  • Follow the application method for the feature that will make you least visible. For example, you might have big hood eyelids and you want them to appear small. You then have to follow steps, make-up for the big eyes for the application.


We’ve covered extensively about Hooded Eyes Celebrities, from what they are, make-up tips (including eyebrow care, eyeshadow, mascara, and eyeliner) and more. Do not stress over that they are very beautiful and have a charm and should not be confused with sagging or loopholes.


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