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Finding the right Hairstyles for men with round faces

Cool men’s hairstyles: visually round face

Hairstyles for men with round faces are sometimes dissatisfied with their reflection – they fear that their face looks too soft or too childish. But do not panic! With the right fissure, the right haircut, you can make your face look slimmer in the blink of an eye. Find out here which men’s hairstyles for round face shape make a round face look like a male.

Basically, if you have a round face shape, then you should use your hair to stretch the face visually. This succeeds when the side parts are less long and voluminous than the hair on the top of the head. An inappropriate Hairstyles for men with round faces is, therefore, a pony. Our tip: With a short haircut you should avoid combing the hair to the side.

Due to the fact that round faces have less natural, distinctive features, it is advisable to use round face hairstyles, such as the “front curtained” hairstyle, which adds a bit of structure. In general, it is advisable to put on hairstyles, which are on the top and on the sides of correspondingly long, bring volume and sometimes even in the face clean.

A beard with a round face shape is another way to add a little structure to it. Here is the narrower, thinner and edged this comes, the more defined the face shape.


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Hairstyles for men with round faces, striking styling

With the following men’s round face hairstyles 2018 you give your round face the necessary corners and edges:

  • You prefer an easy-care short hairstyle? Then a boxer cut is ideal. Using a hair clipper with different attachments, you can easily cut it yourself. For the back of the head and the sides select the attachment with 3 mm or 5 mm. The hair on the top of the head, however, should remain at least 10 mm long. With a little hair gel creates a cheeky hedgehog hairstyle.
  • Also good: A slight Iroquois at the David Beckham. This short hairstyle can also be styled with hair gel quite easily.
  • It is more courageous to leave the hair on the head even longer, namely between 5 and 8 cm. Toupiere the hair and then comb the hair roll backward. The whole thing is fixed by plenty of hairspray or gel.
  • Hairstyle for round chubby face men also includes chin-length, straight hair. They frame the face and stretch it visually. This only works if your hair is not wavy or curly. Likewise, the hair should not cover the forehead, as this pushes again and will be the best hairstyle for long face man.
  • Formal hairstyle for round face men is allowed to stack up to their style! Ideal are all men’s hairstyles that make the round face seem longer and narrower. Maybe even try a beard!


Hairstyles for men with round faces, mens hairstyle for round face shape|best hairstyles for men with round faces|formal hairstyle for round face men

See here some Amazing haircuts for chubby round face

What hairstyles for men with round faces and chubby cheeks?

The undercut hairstyle with a beard is used as a miracle cure if the face is too chubby. With a too broad, round face this haircut should by no means become the chosen hairstyle. Men with a round face shape should gain height especially . Especially suited for this are short hairstyles with a highly styled front part, which stretch the face and at the same time make it look longer and narrower. For example, follow the best hairstyles for men with round faces trends and let your hairdresser style your hair like David Beckham or Justin Timberlake.

The hair may like to be missed here a casual side undercut, which spiced up the hairstyle and gives each short haircut that certain something. The main thing, the front hair part is combed and styled upwards vigorously. The men’s face is slimmed down by the undercut hairstyle a lot immediately and your face shape is automatically narrower and more oval. Your wife will love the modern shorthair look and your new look and the great thing about it is that the cut fits as well as any guy.

If you prefer to wear your hair a little longer, then choose a hairstyle that plays around the chin. The face is thus perfectly framed and stretched. But again avoid a pony, which again provides for broader and shorter facial features.

What glasses does man flatter with a round face?

Not only with the right hairstyles for men with round faces you can cheat too wide facial contours, but also with the right glasses man of the new trendy hairstyle can put the finishing touches. Set opposites by wearing a square, eye-catching glasses for a too-round face. This will make sure that your face shape is stretched and distracts slightly from the wider cheekbones. The glasses should always be in contrast to their own face shape. The frame of the glasses also plays a role here. Do you want to narrow your face, then choose a pair of glasses with a slightly wider frame? As far as the color of the frame is concerned, you should rather consider darker nuances, as these make the jaws look narrower.

High above: With the hairstyles for men with round faces should be trying to help the face to more length. A short hairstyle with a slightly longer coat hair or chin-length hair makes the face immediately narrower and stretches it visually. Even a beard is not out of place with the round face. It’s a great way to bring in a bit of structure and masculinity. However, it is important to pay attention to clear contours and corners to define a narrower face shape. Both hairstyles below can be styled on both thinner and fuller hair.

Usually, men must choose, option, his hairstyle, based on his age, hair texture and the face shape. The face shape is the most important factor in choosing hairstyles,  as if you choose hairstyles for men with round faces that fit your face shape, it can make you look very good, good and good.

So try out these hairstyles for men with round faces by famous personalities and let us know what is your favorite haircut.



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