Amazing haircuts for chubby round face

Hair already has something magical about them. How they manage haircuts for chubby round face to change our entire look and help express our personality. Hair can make us look years younger, or years older. New short hair for chubby round face bring change and help many women over a fresh start. It’s amazing what our hair can do. In our today’s fashion bells post, you will find some amazing haircuts for chubby round face.

I show you today perfect haircut for chubby face for women. Whether double chin or women over 50 – I hope I can inspire you!

Haircut for chubby face female

Long hair vs. short hair

Since a long time I’ve always been listening that whose face is too chubby they cant carry short haircut. So some people I observe hide it behind the long strands. But once you realize that your own face is actually really great and there is nothing to hide, then the fear of short hair disappears. The same goes for you. Do not hide your face and do not be afraid of the attention you get from short hair. I promise you that it will increase your self-confidence immensely.

As with the question of whether long or short hair for chubby round face, many women are at a loss as to which hairstyle actually fits their own face shape. Similar to the clothes, I think that you should always wear what you feel like and what makes you happy. For those who are still unsure and have not yet found their favorite haircut for chubby face, I would like to spare unnecessary tears at the hairdresser with tips on which cuts fit the respective face shapes. It also applies that haircut for round chubby face can wear any face shape. It depends ultimately on haircuts for chubby round faces and other faces cut.

Here are tips for the best haircuts for chubby round face and other shapes.

Haircuts for chubby round faces.

In the case of the round face or a chubby face, the measure of the width corresponds approximately to the length of the face. Chubby faces, perhaps with a double chin, are best represented by softly falling hairstyles or volume on the top of the head. For example, this can be a long, staggered bob (long bob), slightly curled for a casual and airy undone look.


For short hair is particularly the boy cut. It has short sides and a short neck with longer top hair that ends in a beveled pony at the front. The volume on the top of the head visually stretches the face and the oblique pony interrupts the width of the face. Also, make sure you never choose a straight, full bang on a round face, if you want to flatter this face shape. It makes the face appear even rounder and thicker.

The right haircut will not only make you look good, it will also be able to put your natural face shape in the right light. More for a chubby face.

Haircut for round chubby face should stretch the face as optically as possible. A simple method, for example, loose fringes that play around the face. Even long, straight or wavy hair is advantageous. On the other hand, stylings that go sideways in width and focus on volume are not ideal hairstyles for round faces.

When it comes to ponies, it’s best to be as natural as possible and prefer to cut diagonally rather than straight. Updos should maximize height and volume at the top of the head to visually extend the face.

Attention to these tips on the next visit to the hairdresser, and thus skilfully balances your haircut for chubby round face shape. Inspiration? We show you beautiful hairstyles for round faces.

Haircut for the oval face

The oval face is characterized by being about one and a half times as long as it is wide. The forehead and chin are approximately the same width and slightly rounded. As common as that may sound to all those who do not have an oval face, the oval face actually has any hairstyle.

Hairstyles for the angular face


A square face can be recognized by an angular jaw and forehead. The face is usually much longer than it is wide. Clearly, you want to counteract with his hairstyle of the hardness of the face. Here, loose and soft cuts are suitable. Even curls and big waves, which run gently along the chin, are ideal. So here too the Undone Bob is a perfect choice, but with a side vertex or preferably a sloping pony to evoke some femininity. Even a short bob ending at the chin is an excellent alternative if the hairstyle is styled loose and muddy. A straight bob would only emphasize the broad chin area.

Hairstyles for the narrow, long face

With the narrow, long face, it does not matter whether you have a round or square chin and forehead. This shape is characterized only by the fact that the face is clearly longer than one and a half times as long as the face width.

In contrast to the round face, full and straight ponies look quite fabulous. A strict graphic bob or a pixie cut in the graphic-cut is wonderful for such types of faces. Here, however, would be discouraged by a long, straight mane, as this would only stretch the face unnecessarily.

Hairstyles for the heart-shaped face

The heart-shaped face is about one and a half times as long as wide, similar to the oval face. However, the forehead is usually only barely narrower than the broad cheek, while the chin tapers. Here it is convenient to bring volume at the level of the chin. For example, a long bob with center parting and waves in the tips. Similar to the round face, a slanted pony is better than a straight one, as a straight bang would emphasize the width of the forehead. For short hair is also here the cut with narrow sides and lush top coat, which you can also super positioned or curly wear. But even extra-short pixie cuts look great on heart-shaped faces, as they do not conjure any extra width to the forehead.

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We’ve shared some truly best haircuts for chubby round face from which you can carry to Marve yourself more and look better in your day to day functions and occasions. Especially the ideas and styles we’ve shared from the fashion industry and haircuts for chubby face female they could be very useful and appealing for you if you carry them as per your personality.

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