Grip Everyone’s Attention with these vertical striped pants?

Bye-bye, Jeans: Fashion insiders now wear

striped pants

Striped pants are fashion classics that delight women. In terms of design, there is a large variety: The range of subtle, narrow stripes to wide, eye-catching prints that immediately catch the eye. A classic for the work or a chic occasion is the pinstripe pants for him and her. In such striped pants fine, white longitudinal stripes on black, gray or dark blue ground can be seen.

Striped pants are absolutely not indispensable to our fashion this season. Whether narrow pinstripes or wide block striped pants – down or up, vertically or horizontally – we bathe in stripes! In the 1930s, the legendary Coco Chanel had discovered stripes as patterns and incorporated them into high fashion.

It definitely belongs to the category “Unforgettable fashion trends from the 80s”: the black and white striped pants by pop icon Nena. Based on the British punk style, the striped tube sparked a true fashion hype back then. How wonderful that even 30 years later we can not get enough of the casual striped pants look. We’ll show you how to style the trend pants the best!

Tadaaaa and there he is already the new mega-trend: Trousers in striped pants style.

The influencers are doing it and wearing the new favorite striped pants of the fashion world already up and down. Whether in black, beige or bright red – the casual striped pants are definitely an eye-catcher.

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How to style vertical striped pants this summer

Wide fabric striped palazzo pants with vertical stripes score in many ways: they are the ideal leg dress in the sweltering summer heat because they are extremely airy. Almost the fan to go. As a combination partner, the striped trousers are also wonderfully uncomplicated, because everything fits – from blazers to pajama-allover looks. Important: For the office necessarily on noble materials for the top and the high heels.


striped pants


A street style from New York: Striped cotton trousers with a small short flounce top – feminine and cool. The striped pants women are an absolute eye-catcher and a fashion statement of a confident, cool woman. We can combine it with a casual black crop top and slippers if you want to look casual- the versatility is limitless. So go, ladies, on the stripes!


striped pants


The striped dress pants are either very easy to combine with plain basic pieces or a bit more bold in a pattern mix with floral or ethnic prints. Please note: Small prints work optimally with block stripes, large-area patterns are ideal for pinstripe optics. By the way: Stylish pants in combination with a cross or diagonal striped top look particularly stylish. Tip: A plain cardigan or a casual leather jacket brings peace in the stripe mix and makes them look even cool for a cold weather for a sophisticated look.


striped pants


It is not wrong to say that Kendall Jenner has quickly proven herself to be a fashionista and supermodel-in-the-making. Her airport style with high waisted stripe pants and a long vertical striped upper and inside casual tee is giving an elegant and a sophisticated look with casual white shoes and a black leather bag. As she always carries latest fashion trends and a heart core of millions. Jenner can make a head-to-toe perfect style and can be an inspiration for many of us. I will suggest all of you must try this airport style of Jenner if you are going to travel and want a casual look.


striped pants


Pants with side stripes: so wear

The jeans did not pay attention for a moment and you know – the cozy sweat striped pants have already pulled past her. Because track pants are not (only) something for the home, but also work as a party look. See how She combines the pants with the spaghetti top.

The trick to rocking ladies striped pants like a supermodel consists of finding the right striped pants. Instead of baggy styles, look for a tailored, wider leg that allows her to wear a heel. Once you have the perfect pair, next comes the styling. The supermodel went with classic basics, like a white tank, tee, and blazer. Mix and match and you can even wear the sporty pant to the office or a night out.


striped pants



Hadid today’s version also came with a fresh new twist: a wrap-tie belt. The shape-shifting detail billowed in the wind, and when set against with the striped pants’ vertical stripe, further elongated the silhouette’s lines. Demonstrating a clear understanding of how to balance proportions, Hadid coupled the voluminous pants with one of her go-to crop tops, then switched things up with a visible Versace bra top that mimicked the graphic message down below. She grounded the moment with Andre Assous loafer slides, polished yet causal, finishing off with a touch of texture via her favorite snakeskin Stalvey mini-bag.


striped pants


This stupid rule, “Stripes are just something for giants & do not wear them across if you do not want to look 200 kg thicker” let’s unheard. Stripes are available to everyone and that proves the variety of garments this summer all the more. A look in the fashion stores reveals this summer with striped pants and We feel fabulous in it.

Striped pants with other prints, creating a hip pattern mix. A striped pant with a subtle pattern is ideal for styling a simple everyday outfit. The range of subtle, narrow stripes to wide, eye-catching prints that immediately catch the eye. While longitudinal stripes often have a more beneficial effect, because they visually stretch and make the legs slimmer, can be striped pants. Apply with the striped pattern a little bit. Nevertheless, horizontal stripes in a sporty figure can also look very trendy and chic. Generally, you should choose plainer striped trousers rather a plain colored top. So the pants become the eye-catcher of the outfit. Bold ones combine colorful striped pants with other prints or else With striped pants trousers with 80s carrot cut and a chic top you create a trendy look for the city stroll. Hope you like our post and get more information about striped pants.

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