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unforgettable fashion trends of the 80s clothes

The memory in me acts as if it had been yesterday. The colorful, flashy and exciting 80s. And they brought one thing above all else: Unforgettable fashion trends of the 80s clothes that nobody passed by.

Time travel into the fashion world of the 80s

Anyone who was not traveling with white tennis socks wore these huge shoulder pads or at least made it to the headband. So we all joined them, the fashion of the 80s clothes. The shoulder pad has actually made it back from the 20th to the 21st century, and Madonna is still there, though today no more than “Like a virgin”. Let’s take a quick look back and revel in the wonderful 80’s, probably the most colorful of all the decades.



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Fashion trend of the 80s clothes – shrill and full of zest for life

When it comes to the how to dress 80s with normal clothes, I basically do not know where to start. Was there ever such a concentrated form of shrill apparitions?

Let’s start by the feet. Do the white tennis socks have to be mentioned again? To this day, Germans are recognized on this terry mischief on the feet around the world. Anyone who trusts in the street with sandals and this fashionable disgrace shows courage and confesses without words what time he comes from. The espadrilles looked much better in 80s fashion.



80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits

Of course, colorful and maybe you were one of the elements that helped to bring the trend of natural garments on the road.

Shrill, shrill, 80s: Those are the biggest 80’s dress up ideas

Far more exciting were the cuffs, which became slender legs to the ornament. Paired with the leggings that were absolutely hip at the time, this style also spawned a new kind of body cult.

leggings, legwarmers, bodysuit,jogging suit, headband

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits


The positive aspect of the gauntlets was that they could be knit by the grandma, in any desired color range and patterns. So they were pretty cheap between expensive wardrobe. In combination with rich contrasts, the glorious path of colors began through the 80s outfits.

colorful jogging suit

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits

And with that moment, another accessory of the sporty look was coined. Also, Thomas Anders went with the oversized blazer and Lip Gloss through the hit lists of the 80s costumes.


My God, these pants!

Can you then recall the carrot pants in this context? My God, close up, then on the legs completely wide and down again tight. Admittedly, they produced a beautiful waist, but they were quickly overruled by oversized blazers with shoulder pads. These pants went to the proverbial navel and not like today, only to blush. The emphasis on the hips was previously reserved only for the female pants, but the 80s style outfits were the decade of shrill fashion and so the men were given the new carrot pants.

Pastel colors and carrot pants

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits


Not only the youth but also the celebrities wore such trousers, which were colloquially assigned to the poppers. The Popper was the counterculture of punks and so included celebrities like Günther Jauch and various footballers probably also. They were all not only in carrot pants but also in huge blazers with correspondingly large shoulder pads.

I inevitably remember another fashion accessory of the clothes from the 80s. The narrow leather tie to the shirt, in the best case even to the carrot pants. It was not just the moderator, but especially the athletes who liked to dress up at official events with this accessory.

How to dress for an 80’s party..

Madonna and Michael Jackson – style icons of the fashion trend of the 80s

Of course, besides the Queen, there was also THE King of Pop: Michael Jackson. He and Madonna messed up the charts around the world. With the many songs, both of which were constantly released as singles, it almost borders on a miracle that little stars such as the Australian singer Kylie Minogue were one at the time, able to prevail over the pop sky.

Topped Hair and Oversize Sweat Shirts

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits


Although the latter took advantage of the late 80s clothes. But with Michael Jackson and Madonna were the top 10 of 1983 filled. “Billie Jean”, “Wanna bein something” or “The Girl is mine” took turns with “Holiday” and “La Isla Bonita”. Is it any wonder then that the biggest two stylistic icons in music history shook the fashion world thoroughly? Madonna became a leading figure over the years and appeared in dresses by Jean Paul Gaultier as a liberated sex bomb of the 80s.

sexy 80s clothes by Jean Paul Gaultier

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits


To date, the corsage is unforgotten with an exaggerated pointy bustier. Michael Jackson, on the other hand, brought the white glove on the stage. Even though his fashion style was not an outcry, thousands of girls screamed at their concerts. Nobody was as perfect as Michael Jackson.


Too short pants and white glove

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits


Music, choreography and every new costume could not have been better. His songs pervaded the music world until his death in 2009, but the 80s and 90s were certainly the best of his and our lives.

Jeans and cowboy boots

The new looks changed constantly, but the good mood remained. That did not change anything as over knee boots for women and cowboy boots for men reached the fashion world. To short shorts in shiny tights, women wore these ellen Langen boots that made beautiful and long legs in particular.


Cowboy boot is the colloquial name for western boots or boots, d. H. for a boot form , which is regarded as a characteristic footwear by cowboys and fashion-dependent is also worn by other groups of both sexes. Cowboy boots are riding boots modeled on the English Wellington Boots, which in turn have their origins in the military boots in 19th century.

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits

The cowboy boots in combination with the carrot pants, later it got even crazier when the jeans were put into the boots. The designers were not tired of inventing new types of jeans again.


Washed-out jeans Clothing in all variations


80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits



Can you describe a fashion style that once made Princess Diana famous as horrible? We are talking about puffed sleeves or the batwing sleeves. Probably every one of us remembers the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, whose basically beautiful wedding dress was decorated with those huge puffed sleeves!

Big puffed sleeves and ruffles

80s clothes,80s fashion,80s outfits,80s style outfits



I vacillate between fascination and shuddering, but at the end of the day, this detail was a symbol of the 80s clothes.

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