The ultimate fashion over 40 tips

Fashion over 40 years old  can also look great! You have attitude and that very particular glow that comes when you know something about life. Time to give your outfit the same charisma. Celebrate your 40th not only with a big party but also Fashion over 40 with a budget or a brilliant makeover for your wardrobe. And yes, you may even go shopping!

Fashion over 40 years old

fashion over 40 tips

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At Fashion over 40, you know: there are pieces that are really worth investing in quality. Watch out for shoes for good material and an extremely good fit. Question the size of your feet again at the next shoe purchase: feet change over time and there are visually more beautiful things than crushed toes. You should also invest in good sunglasses, preferably in a classic that is easy to combine. Fashion for women over 40 also applies to your bags. Separate yourself from old shapeless models in daring colors and give yourself a piece that you have been dreaming about for a long time.

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Statement necklaces, strumming bangles or XXL rings: are they really you? When it comes to fashion after 40 women, accessories, less is more – look for a beautiful scarf that you will always love – and shine in terms of jewelry rather by minimalism.

Put an end to it

With flip-flops, denim shorts, leopard prints and neon colors. That does not mean that you should suddenly wear only boring half-high pumps or black blazers. But rely on classics where the eye does not (accidentally) get stuck, but support your natural appearance. Or, like Jennifer Aniston, you’ll find a timeless pattern that suits you one hundred percent.

Do not follow every trend

They just know better. If you’ve never looked good in maxi dresses with floral prints, you probably will not do that and you should know the fashion over 40. Of course, you can love new trends (culottes!) And make them your own. But do not dress up and combine trends to suit you.

Find a (new) size

For the fashion for women over 40 (Speaking of fit) A shirt that is too tight on the stomach or jeans that release naked skin while sitting, flatters any woman. Forget the numbers in the clothes and delete sentences like “I always wear a 38.” For almost every brand, garments are different. So just choose the size that suits you. Point.

Further expert tips

In addition to cool clothes for fashion over 40, the perfect make-up includes the right make-up. A radiant complexion also lets your outfit shine and thus provides the finishing touches. For a fresh expression, it is important to visually enlarge the eyes, as slip eyelids and dark circles make you look older and tired. The best and simplest trick is to shower, shower and shower again. Full and long eyelashes cover a hanging upper lid and make the eye look bigger. Particularly helpful for this are artificial eyelashes. Another tip for fashion over 40 is to know their color type and choose the right shades for both your outfit and make-up.

fashion for women over 40 tips


# 1 7/8 Pants: They are absolutely trendy, release calves and ankles. Super chic – and the look makes you a little younger.

# 2 High-quality espadrilles: THE summer shoes par excellence! The comfortable fabric shoes provide a young, casual flair. With sophisticated designer espadrilles, you can spice up any outfit.

# 3 Large, light scarves and pashmina scarves: they are wonderfully overpowered and do not conceal their tight arms.

# 4 Puff and wing sleeves: any problem areas will be stylishly hidden in no time.

# 5 The Blazer: A perfectly fitting blazer is not stuffy at all – combined with jeans and a t-shirt or a casual blouse, this all-around talent looks particularly good.

# 6 designer sunglasses and bag: Now is the end of cheap models! Treat yourself to the best.

# 7 Great shoes: Maybe you should rather forego the super high stiletto or platform boots. Noble loafers and pointed ballerinas, on the other hand, look good now – and are still comfortable! High-quality leather shoes, also in strong colors, look young and modern.

# 8 Jewelry: can set great accents, for example, many filigree bracelets or a delicate necklace look light and young. It may also like to be nice costume jewelry if this looks high quality.

# 9 Well-cut shirt dresses: They’re casual and trendy chic. Attract!

# 10 Cardigans: Soft, slightly figure-embroidered knit cardigans match the dress as well as the pants and are now simply the ideal look.

# 11 Watch your knees this is the age! So choose midi instead of miniskirts. Speaking of who still has beautiful legs, can still wear (not too short) shorts.

# 12 Black: The classic always works. Spice up with (gold) accessories and red lips.

# 13 Soft tones: Cream, nude and powder tones, as well as soft colors (blue-gray, soft green, rose pink), flatter the complexion.

To let

# 1 Everything that is too young and trendy is not the fashion after 40 women  – neon colors and too short or tight looks (cropped!) Look rather silly at a certain age. So Short dresses like a miniskirt or a cropped shirt are definitely no longer in fashion for women over 40 years old.

# 2 Avoid too cute styles like bow details and lots of pinks.

# 3 Animal Prints: Fashion professionals advise fashion for women over 40 to go snake rather than Leo. If at all, then use only very dosed, as a print on bag or shoes.

# 4 The secret recipe: Radiance! If you feel comfortable in your outfit for women over the age of 40, you’ll radiate it and look gorgeous. So you can just wear everything. A good look is the most important accessory in your wardrobe.

 Generally, the look should now be adult and high quality, but not stuffy. women should know what to wear over 40 casual while shopping. To give your outfit for fashion over 40 on a budget the latest fashion touch, a style break is just the thing. For example, try combining a classic two-piece suit with some casual sneakers. The resulting style break will make you and your outfit look much younger and more fashionable. But the most important thing is a well-groomed appearance (hair, skin, teeth, nails) and above all a great charisma!





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