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Face primer substitute! What they are for and why they needed.

Face primer substitute! Foundation primer, eyeshadow primer, eyelash and lip primer. A layer that keeps makeup and eye shadows on the skin for longer. Some swear the others do not see any sense in it.

Today I take a closer look at an alternative to foundation primer – why use it and when, how exactly?

First of all, many primers work so well because they contain silicone. If you do not mind, you can use the power of these products. Those who avoid this ingredient must go to the tedious search for a silicone-free primer. These are mainly found in brands that do not exist in Germany. For example, Sephora (private label) and Becca. Also, Korres offers a product without silicone, which I chase after a long time. Silicone are controversial companions in beauty products and have fallen into disrepute with parables, aluminum, sulfates, and glycerin. I do not want to start a discussion on ingredients, I think it’s the same as with food: each one according to his taste. But one thing I can recommend that many people ask question what to wear instead of face primer? or can you use lotion as a face primer? so mu answer will be a big No.We can’t use anything instead of primer not even lotion because at weddings, photo shoots or big events, primers is very useful, it gives security, as far as the make-up is concerned.

In addition to the skin-smoothing property, many primers offer even more benefits. Thus, some shimmer for the ultimate glow, conjure up redness or make the pores look smaller.Today we talk about what primer is?why should we use it ? how to choose a right primer?how to apply primer correctly and diy face primer for oily skin.

The primer is the basis of every good makeup

Do you know the problem? The makeup lasts only a few hours and at the latest then pimples, wrinkles or shiny skin come to light. A Face primer substitute that should always be your makeup foundation from now on helps against this problem.

Makeup is for many women the nuts and bolts of perfect styling. But even if the makeup looks impeccable immediately after application, it can be quite different after a few hours. After all, makeup only stays on the skin in the long term if a good foundation is created. Here a primer helps.

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What is a Face primer substitute?

The English word “to prime” means as much as priming and betrays, which is this make-up sense. The Face primer substitute is also referred to as a make-up base because it acts as a primer under the foundation. Unlike a foundation or powder, the primer is transparent or has a milky color in green or pink. The respective coloring has different effects on the final result.

In addition, there are not only primers for the face, but also primers for the lips and eyeshadow bases.

Why should you use a primer?

By applying a Face primer substitute, your skin not only looks even and smoother, but is also supplied with moisture and care substances. If you apply makeup directly to the face, it covers the skin like a protective layer. So no moisture can get on your face and your skin dries out. In addition, the make-up without a primer literally by the natural sweat production, washed away from the face.

Another advantage of the Face primer substitute is the powdery consistency, which blends perfectly with the makeup and provides for a longer hold of the Foundation.

With a colorless primer you can not go wrong, because it is suitable for all skin colors. However, there are special Face primer substitute that provide different effects. With colored primer products you can specifically change your skin color. For example, a green make-up base counteracts redness. A pink shade should remove the gray haze from the skin and make your complexion look livelier. Yellowish tones, on the other hand, correct shadows. There are even primers that work with mother-of-pearl particles. These provide a natural glow of the skin when daylight falls on your face. This primer can therefore be used not only as a makeup base, but also as a highlighter.

Choose the right primer

Face primer substitute can easily adapt to normal and combination skin types . If you tend to oily skin, you should buy matting products. For dry skin, it is best to choose a primer that is rich in moisture. Mature skin benefits from a primer with antioxidants. Be advised on ambiguities in the perfumery or the drugstore. By the way: You will recognize a good advice that you are asked for your skin type.

Hide wrinkles and pores

Use one Water-based foundation, makes it easier to fade a matching primer with her. For best results, dab the primer on your skin as if you wanted to replenish wrinkles, pores and scars. With ingredients such as tea tree oil or vitamin A, some primers can provide even more beautiful skin in the long term. For oily skin suitable primers contain powder, which mattifies the complexion.

Radiant complexion

Pink or purple primers can turn a pale Make the complexion look healthier and radiant. For a slightly shimmering look, you can resort to a primer with light-reflecting particles. Oils provide your skin with moisture and combat dry spots.


Even skin tone

discoloration can be concealed with tinted primer. Redness is best neutralized with a green primer, as it is a complementary color. But apply it only on red areas, otherwise it could be seen under the Foundation. If you are prone to dark discoloration, you can cover it with peach-colored primer.

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Apply primer correctly

Cleanse your face with water and a light cleansing lotion and then treat your face with a moisturizer. Wait about five minutes for this to retract. Then put some primer on your fingertips and massage it from the middle of your face to the edges. Wait a few more minutes for the primer to retract, then apply your foundation or powder as usual. Note:You can’t use lotion instead of face primer but you can use it before applying primer for give your dry skin moisture.

diy face primer for oily skin

Face primer substitute,diy face primer for oily skin,homemade foundation primer.


Homemade foundation primer is a good choice if you are in a situation and asked a question to yourself i ran out of makeup primer what can i use now and also if you have a oily skin .You can make diy face primer for oily skin by using home product easily at home.Even makeup artist swear by this recipe.


  • Liquid foundation
  • Transparent aloe Vera gel
  • Toothpick/brush
  • Container

How to make it :

Put needed amount of your foundation within the instrumentality. Now, combine with a strip or the top of your makeup brush to dissolve lumps. you’ll be able to add some drops of Aloe Vera gel to the present formula and create it skin nutritive. Aloe Vera will provides a matte end to the oily skin.Add additional foundation thereto if you wish a stronger coverage for spots. This formula for works nearly as good as high-priced primers offered at makeup counters. Also, keep it within the icebox to avoid its consistency from cutting. Plus, it’ll have a cooling impact on your oily skin after you apply it.


As many people ask me a question that is makeup primer necessary?

Yes, it is necessary to use a makeup primer whether you buy it or make it at home.Because makeup primer can cover all your pimples and spots if you have an oily skin .Since all the ingredients are natural, you do not have to worry about putting any chemicals on your sensitive oily skin that could harm its health. Just don’t forget to wash that makeup off!

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