The best eyeshadow for hazel eyes: Tips and Tricks

Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes-In hazel eyes, we can lose ourselves immediately. Especially when the eye makeup makes it shine even more. And with a few simple makeup tips that are no longer a problem. You only need to know which colors highlight your eyes and what can quickly come to your attention when you apply hazel eyes.

It is said that hazel eyes are the most faithful. Hazel eyes look dark, gentle yet mysterious. This effect can be underlined by the right eye makeup: when you makeup hazel eyes and apply the Best eyeshadow color for hazel eyes and techniques, the eye color is even more effective, the eyes radiate even more intense.
If you want to enhance your hazel eyes and become an eye-catcher, just follow our tips and tricks on the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes! We’ll tell you helpful tips on eyeshadow and eyeliner for hazel eyes and how to skillfully put your brown eyes in the spotlight.

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The majority of people have hazel eyes. One more reason to emphasize your own. Makeup hazel eyes become child’s play with these makeup tips.

Easy everyday eye make up for hazel eyes

If you like it more subdued during the day, then you should use the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes with warm earth tones. Covered tones like brown, taupe or copper are great on the eyelid. With eyeshadows in metallic shades like gold or champagne, you can bring highlights into your eye makeup. As a result, the eyes look visually enlarged.

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Do you like to wear a line during the day? Then you romp quietly in color. Khaki or anthracite make hazel eyes look even brighter. And mascara may not be missing, of course, if you want to make up your eyes properly. This provides more depth in the look and gives the eyes more expression.


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Evening makeup for hazel eyes

If it gets a little bit more dramatic in the evening, then your hazel eyes like to tolerate an extra dose of color. For best results, use dark brown or purple tones. Because black often works too hard – and even brown shades make up great Smokey Eyes. Dark shades of gray in combination with hazel making the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes makeup look even more dramatic.

But be careful: Make sure that the colors harmonize with each other. For example, silver tones do not harmonize with the warm shades of brown. Test the colors on the back of your hand before putting on hazel eyes.

For a radiant look, you should avoid dull eyeshadows. Rather use metallic effects to give your eyes great color reflexes. Suitable metallic nuances are for example gold, copper, bronze, golden brown and silver gray. On the other hand, you should avoid bright shades and pastel shades. They make the look bland.

Eyes open: That could go wrong

If you want the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes tips, it’s best to leave fingers of red and pink. These will make you look sick and tired quickly. And we really do not want that. Even turquoise or green do not harmonize optimally with your eye color.

The eye makeup should always fit the outfit, but you should follow these rules anyway. Because only with the right tricks you can make your hazel eyes shine.

Eyeshadow for hazel eyes tutorial

Hazel eyes makeup with warm nuances

Hazel eyes look warm and spirited, lively and intense. Make up hazel eyes means to emphasize the warm color by playing with color and dimension even more. It is best to use the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes that harmonizes with the warm brown. The good news: Almost all colors match hazel eyes and you can choose from a variety of options which look you want to create! With these shades women can emphasize their eyes for the job or everyday life: rosé, crème, light brown, hazelnut, dark brown, black, a subtle and dark blue.
For a subtle everyday look, apply a rosé or a shimmering, subtle champagne color to the moving lid. Intensify with a warm brown the eyelid crease, the outer corner of the eye and the upper and lower eyelashes. If you like it a bit more daring, draw a line with a liquid eyeliner or intensify your look with a kohl pencil. For a glamorous evening makeup, cool shades are also suitable. Whether you want to make up deep brown or rather green-brown eyes, with a contrasting eyeshadow you lift the eye color and give it a more intense hue.
Since hazel eyes look very dark and engaging, you should definitely emphasize the eyebrows in a complicated eye make-up, For light eyebrows, brush eyebrows with a light eyebrow pencil or light eyebrow powder, or dark black or dark brown eyebrows.

The contrast secret

Many women are overwhelmed with the eyeshadow purchase with the huge selection and are unsure which color palette they should take. They tend to take more like those that are similar to their own eye color. In order for the eye color to really stand out, it is important to reach for a contrasting color, also called a complementary color. That is, a color that is in the color wheel opposite and at first, glance supposedly does not fit the eye color. However, this is precisely what makes the natural eye color look much more effective, and that makes your gaze look more radiant.

Conclusion: Do’s for hazel eyes

  • Covered tones like brown, taupe or copper are good eyeshadow colors for everyday life


  • Add highlights with metallic nuances like gold or champagne


  • An eyelid line khaki or anthracite makes hazel eyes shine


  • For evening makeup, eyeshadows in brown or purple are beneficial

Dont’s for hazel eyes

  • Black eyeshadow is too hard for an evening make-up, preferring to use brown shades for Smokey Eyes and it can be the Best eyeshadow for hazel eyes.


  • Avoid the fingers of reds and pinks


  • Turquoise or green do not harmonize with hazel eyes


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