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best cheap foundation for oily skin

10 best cheap foundation for oily skin

Best cheap foundation for oily skin!!! Do you have problems with oily skin? Do not you know which best type of foundation for oily skin is right for your skin type? Do not worry we are here. Our 10  best foundations for oily skin reviews will help you if you have oily skin. Most women are blessed with oily and acne-prone skin. so most of the foundation have oil content that will look dewy on dry skin. On the contrary, it becomes too greasy (or super oily in my case) to break down oily skin, which leads to soiling, which in turn leads to outs.

Oily skin is completely different from the normal and dry skin. This skin typefaces more oil secretion than other skin categories, which makes them more prone to acne and pimples, people with oily skin need a lot of care. And when it comes to make-up, it becomes difficult for them to do with common basics, as an ordinary make-up base leaves them with patchy and flaky makeup. Read this post to find out the list of the best type of foundation of oily skin along with their reviews.

1.Revlon Color Foundation

Revlon color foundation is the mother of all foundations (at least in my opinion) and a popular betrayed by Studio Fix Fluid mac. There are two variants in this foundation (oily combo and normal to dry). Trust me, you will love the oily skin variant if you have oily skin. This is the best type of foundation for oily skin. It makes your skin super matte (make sure to use a moisturizer underneath), and if you sweat it through the foundation, you can simply dab it with a cloth and the foundation does not go anywhere.


2.Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder Foundation

The loreal magic nude liquid powder foundation is another most popular basis for oily skin. This does the same job as the Revlon Color but the cover is sheer still buildable. L`oreal Magic Nude Foundation works like a liquid foundation and settles down like a powder. This could be your foundation every day when you find your game. You can easily go away with a concealer and this foundation for your base makeup.

3. Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

Maybelline fits me foundation is definitely worth mentioning foundation. This results in a semi-matte finish and medium coverage. Great for people with oily skin or you can say the best cheap foundation for oily skin at an affordable price. This foundation fills the pores beautifully and gives a nearly flawless finish. This is my current favorite foundation. If you are a beginner in foundation then go for this one. Trust me this won`t burn a hole in your pocket.

4.Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation

Bourjois healthy mix foundation for oily acne prone skin is the blessing for this skin type. This little guy will almost cover all of your acne and acne scars and give you a healthy glow. It does not clog pores and makes the skin breathe. The texture of this foundation is extremely smooth and fits like a dream.

5.MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15

MAC Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 – From the makeup cosmetics, this wonderful foundation can be labeled as a reward for your oily skin. However, it costs a whopping Rs.1500 but with great skin suiting properties, it makes for a great purchase. Get top of this foundation with MAC compact powder look of celebrities.

6.Revlon Photoready Makeup

Revlon Photoready Makeup – With the Sun Protection Factor 20, the ultimate make-up from Revlon is great base applied to the oily skin. This long stay foundation takes on her without any artificial layer for at least 5 hours of blending with your skin texture. Its waterproof ability makes it worth it.

7.Maybelline Dream mousse matt

Maybelline Dream mousse matt – The best cheap foundation for oily skin. dream matte mousse is worth every single Paisa paid. This makeup base not only removes excess oil from the skin but also gives a matte finish. And to match your complexion, it is available in a wide range that contains 13 different shades. Apply it to your skin a velvety soft skin.

8.Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation SPF 20 Oily Herbals Skin

Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation SPF 20 Oily Herbals Skin – A simple thing for the bag, An another best cheap foundation for oily skin. Easily absorb-able in the skin, this creamy foundation makes your skin as well as working as a great sunscreen wonderfully smooth. With so many qualities in such a cheap price, 20 Natural Blend Comfort Liquid Foundation SPF is a great alternative for oily skin makeup.

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9. L`Oreal Paris Matte Morphose (Mousse)

L`Oreal Paris Matte Morphose (Mousse) – This oil-free foundation is especially for people who want a light but long-lasting makeup that could effectively keep skin oils at bay. Although it costs Rs. 1175 / – but it justifies its price with its great make-up capabilities. This foundation gives a great texture to the skin to make a visible appearance and long-lasting look.

10. Renew Max Factor Age

Renew Max Factor Age – If you are in 3rd or 4th decade of life and the search for an oil-free foundation for your mature skin, this will give you a natural glow without `s oil so that your makeup spoil your skin.


I know that you think if the price of the products is worth it. Well, that’s left at your discretion. But keep in mind that oily skin type is especially prone to acne and pimples, making it all the more necessary to use products that work for your skin type. These best type of foundation for oily skin have been specifically designed to combat oily skin and the problems that come with it. Even with something as important as a foundation. An occasional splurge is warranted as it also has a relatively long shelf life.

Tell us what your favorite foundation is ? and let us know if you have used any foundation in this list, in the comments below.











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