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80s fashion for men spotted

80s fashion for men spotted

80s fashion for men-Trends. There existed no simpler times than he 1980s, Top Gun made it to the screens and there was no going back of Tom Cruise’s fan following from there. Computers were the size of rooms and internet was a utility used for country’s interest, by the officials. Whereas all the rest evolved to bring the world together (specially the Tom Cruise bit), the bold fashion of the time, having faced its admiration and critiques, have made its way back but only better!

The age that truly defined ‘bigger is better’, fashion in particular for men was the heart and spirit of that era. With the formal introduction of suits for common use, one more industry that made big bucks besides huge fashion brands like Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace and the likes, were the hairspray companies. Typical 80’s men’s fashion sprung from the long hair carried in versatile styles such as side ponies, man ponies or even the big men curls which clung on that extra load of aerosol hairsprays for their perfection. As far as the outfits were concerned, 80s were the peak time when men chose to wear bright, colors, even floral designs for shirts, all not just fitted to perfection, but ‘tight’. The weight saint -Richard Simmons is the living proof who showed the World, how back in the 80s you could rock that attire like being a fitness coach, while Sweatin’ to the Oldies.

80s fashion for men- Trends

From formals to casuals to everyday outfits like your gym suits or jazzercise suits, as they were referred to as back in the days, the1980s fashion for men and women alike were one of its kind the World had seen. Where some trends went downhill the fame peak, others are making their way back since 2017. Don’t believe us? Look up that hipster friend of yours intently on the social media photos and feeds and you’ll see how 80s is it up there with man ponies, feminism or other good cause promoting slogan tees paired with washed jean pants and jackets or better yet, famous models taking up the man pony game, ancestors of which are the infamous man bun from the 80s. While all that decade of wild fashion trends like perms or rat tails might not be revived with all its glory, any fashion buff would testify that the 80s vogue and music still has traces on our latest trends and thus holds a special place in our hearts. If you are looking for80’s men’s fashion ideas to attend an 80s themed party or club night, then this is your guide andtrip down the memory lane, as in the following post, we present to you the most widely recognized trends from the 80s that were the highlights of that decade for men. Following are the twenty of the Greatest ’80s Fashion Trends.

80s fashion for men- History


  1. Man ponytails

Man ponytails might not be the first but was a very prominent 80s trend that cam to life recently. From stars walking on the red carpets to models walking down ramps many ponies have become a celebrity way to flaunt. But nobody can nailthis look like the two iconic stars from the 80s, Eric Roberts and Steven Seagal. Roberts gave up the ponytail for his martial arts special film Best of the Best, but Seagal’s dedication to the look lasted career-long. Boys take note!

  1. Velour

Tight was the setting for fitting and fleshy was the demand for famous apparel, and velour was the plushy fabric that combined the best of both these worlds as it prompted for spandex like elasticity on top of the luxurious feel and look of velvet. Such was its demand back in the days that any 80s fashion fan would vouch for the fact that today’s tracksuits and sweatshirts put velourincorporated exercise suits and gym wear to shame. Athletic brands such as Fila, as well as high-end designers like Dior loved the fabric alike, the latter used it for super comfortable and elegant v-neck sweaters while the former made track suits that were oneof the most favored 80’s fashion for men and boys.

  1. Reeboks

Classic Reeboks dance collection 80's

Lavish sweatshirts or v-necks were incomplete without complementary plush shoes and more than any brand Reebok understood this best. Classic Reeboks also remembered as ‘Soldiers’ were the style statement for frat boys and were spotted in every nook and corner downtown. Remember Dirty Dancing? The dance revolution it brought about? Well, Reebok covered the needs for the dance devotees of the times by introducing Freestyle and Dance collections.

  1. Four finger rings

Man with four finger ring

Hip hop was the lime light for music and men’s fashion in the 70s and 80s. Hip hop stars were big on jewelry that adorned their personality like their songs and four finger rings were the predominant hip hop embellishment that are to-date considered a hip-hop style statement from its golden era. Big Daddy Kane may be the trend setter for this one, in all honesty it was the Do The Right Thing hit by Radio Raheem that engraved the memory of these accessories with his LOVE HATE rings that he so flawlessly flaunted. Not four altogether, but, multiple, large stone studded rings are still loved a big deal by DJs and Pop stars.

  1. Braided Chains for man-80's


Another one of the Hip hop fashion statement colloquially known as dookie chains.The braided, heavy gold chains rappers specially from the 80s used to sport as a sign of fame, style and luxury. From where we see it, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the way some of the big names of the rapping world like Slick Rick and the entire crew of Juice Crew were the true ambassadors of thisvernacular, dookie chains were the trend of 80’s fashion most suited to black menand boys. The semblance of these chains is still found in the chains that some of the most famous 21st century DJs and rappers are featured wearing, these names include: Justin Bieber, DJ Khalid, and Bruno Mars.

  1. Shoulder Pads

Shoulder Pads 80's man fashion

Back in the 80s men’s ensemble was the representation of who owns the most power in the industry they belonged. With so much to make a name with theirwork, and new trends in the fashion industry growing by the day, clothes were an essential way to make another brood of one’s power and presence. That perfect intimidating broad shoulderlook was up for grabs with the shoulder pads that became an essential for three pieces back in the 80s. Want to find out how to rock the shoulder pads? Look up Prince the rockstar and how he embraced the style like it was his own.

  1. Sweaters tied around the neck

198os was the decade that had in store something for everything fashion wise,even the villains! Sweater round the neck were the easy way to spot the bourgeois-wanna-be planning to kill the hero and get it all. Off screen or in real life this style belonged to the Richie rich who went to Ivy League school, owns big house, made big bucks, obviously to buy that sweater to flaunt it rather than to wear it, and to top it all off has/had rich parents too. Disturbing, for some languages majors, summers are a verb rather than a season for them.

  1. Combed back hair

Combed back hair-A man hairstyle

Man ponytail wasn’t the only iconic hairstyle in the 80’s, another classic hairstyle of themen’s fashion during the 80s was the combed back hair. The style might be one of the particular from the 80s but still is the classic worktime look for most men today. Leaving less hair to the sides and most of them combed upward with a touch of hair gel (consider hairsprays for the 80s) to make it look just the right up do. A younger Johnny Depp could kill you with this dashing look.

  1. Parachute Pants

Parachute Pants 80's man fashion

Parachute pants from the 80s are ancestors of the drop-crotch pants we seetoday. This is proof that some fashion designers go back to the basics or dig up the past to bring something new to the covers of those flashy magazines. You will see many celebrities loving its groove. Justin Bieber for instance can be seen wearing it to most of his concerts.

  1. Issey Miyake Pleats


Pleats were never this famous until the well acclaimed designer, Issey Miyakebrought them under his attention. His innovation was in the idea of making pleats easy to carry and elegant to fit in design. Finding beauty in simplicity, he brought to surface the idea of complete garment designed in one cloth piece which were feature in his very famous A-POC collection. His designs have stood out not just by the newness of their concept but by the fact that they became part of the identities of some very renowned celebrities. Ever dressed at a Steve Jobs for Halloween, remember to thank Issey Miyake for Job’s trademark turtlenecks.

  1. Ray -Bans

80's ray-bin fashion

Ray-Bans defines a different class of men today and its Wayfarers did it for thecool dudes back in the 80s. They were the winner shades for the choicest men to get out into the sun on any given day.

  1. Relax T- shirts

80s fashion for men, Relax T- shirts 80's fashion

Fashion trends mostly propagate their way in the public with celebrities takingthem up in public or when a franchise make it run on the ramp. Very few trends emerge as a memory of some artist and they truly stand the test of time. One such emerging trend of the 80s was the British bandsFrankie Goes to Hollywood’s hit song Relax. In the early 1980s one of brands album release shared its popularity with T-shirt campaign. One of the famous design of the t-shirts was the “Frankie Say Relax” printed on the front. We bet after a hard day at work we all want to get that shirt to remind us of what Frankie Says.

  1. Wahsed Jean Jacktes

Wahsed Jean Jacktes 80's fashion

Did you know Jean jackets were a thing in the 80s? Yeah, the love for denim wasnever the same as it was in the 80s. Turns out exaggeration was also a thing for 80s fashionable men and the white washed jeans jacket was how you wore the jeans jacket. It had to be soft and pale to look cool, so were treated with acid not much later after getting it from the store. And you know how you can grow attached to denim? So the swag-full stone washed jacket was carried around until it was rugged carpet like. Some may go as far as re-patching the old pieces on the poor thing, and mind it, the modified accessories update can make it look even more stylish, for look up the Uptown girls’ jacket modification. You are welcome!



  1. Zubas and Muscle Tee-shrits

Bodybuilding was a huge sport back in the 80s. Dudes would work up thosemuscles in the gym and later would dress to impress the ladies with their hardwork by getting into muscle tees or tank tops accompanied by baggy pants also called ‘zubas‘.

  • Fanny Packs

Fanny pack 80's fashion, 80s fashion for men


While on the beach to relax or just going out two blocks, fanny packs were thepractical yet stylish replacements for too big to carry backpacks or too small to keep it all-wallets. So much was the convenience, that it became a tourist essential. Their trendy-ness was owed to the material they were made from which was mostly ripstop and nylon. Fanny packs were like shoulder bags for men with no long straps, tie it around your waist and forget they exist until you need to look for something important you kept in there. Also, who doesn’t love some extra space right? Spare change or handy documents fanny packs could keep them all safe. Their proper re-introduction in the market, in the recent past by American Apparel got the company some real hand on hand profits after which they are the most sought after brand to get fanny packs over the net.

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